June 1st, 2006


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While Jet was bowling a few weeks back, about in the sixth frame or so, Jet ran over to John and, excitedly told him, "Dad! Dad!! There's HOLES in the ball! They're so you can bowl faster. If you stick your fingers in the ball, you can throw it faster!"

So, of course, Jet gathers up the ball in both arms, turns it until he can put his fingers into the holes and then throws it by turning his body and letting go at the appropriate moment. :-) "See, Dad! It went faster!!"

Summer Fruit

Jet is now eating blueberries, California strawberries, and cantaloup along with his usual apples, mandarin oranges, watermelon, honeydew, and finger berries (raspberries). Yay for summer fruit!!

Though... I still remember the time back when he was two-ish and we went to the Boulder Farmer's market and bought a very precious pint of wild strawberries, and the next thing I know he's sitting on some steps at the market polishing off the whole pint by himself and, even that young, leaving the leaves and cores of the fruit in a neat pile next to him.

Almost as good as when Fezzik ate nearly ten pounds of blueberries when he was just a nine-week-old puppy...