June 6th, 2006

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Fiber folks help?

I have a very old Ashford double-drive wheel that I learned to spin on and bought both high and low speed kits for while I was doing lace and bulky yarns and a lady with an alpaca farm wants to buy it from me. It's well-loved and has seen miles and miles of thread that I made into wedding ring shawls. I have no real earthly reason to keep it, but lots of emotional ones.

I see that the unfinished wheels are now going for about $400-$485 and each of the kits for $62-$75 or so, even on ebay, though they don't make the low speed one anymore. Hm. It seems wrong to charge New prices for the old wheel, but it's the start of a thought for me.

What should I be asking for my old wheel? Should I even sell it? Or should I just keep it, and like with all my other fiber arts stuff, lend it to folks that want to learn so that they can get hooked and buy their own equipment?

My only wheel that I would have left is a handcrafted double-drive, double-treadle, double-wheeled Timbertops Beaver that has few peers or equals anymore now that the company that made it has become defunct. I can't find bobbins for it anymore, and that's been a pain. But for $300 or more, I could easily get some woodworker would make a few for me given the originals as a pattern. And it's not like I'd want to spin bulky on a wheel anyway when I love my drop spindles so much, now.

I just bought a tulipwood midi-sized, top whorl drop spindle from Journey Wheels. It's gorgeous and fun to work with, especially at the fingering weight yarns that I love best to knit with. It's wonderful and I'd been reminded of how calming a drop spindle could be when I spun for the kids at church. So it was good to get my hands back on a spindle again, and the sea-colored mix I had mixed myself (4:2:1:.5:.5 of blue:teal:purple:green:mult-blue silk) was just gorgeous against the white wood of the spindle shaft.

*sigh* $300 or even $350 would buy a lot of wool, yarn, and spindles.... or, heck, even a good part of the coffee roaster I've been wanting for a while. *sigh*

What do you think I should do?

Poll #742795 Spin the Wheel...

What do I do with my old spinning wheel?

Sell it to the lady who's been using it for the last year.
Take it back so I can lend it to others.
Just give it to the lady.

I'll reserve the right to do what I want, but it's fun to ask.
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