June 21st, 2006


I Was Sneaky

I also have pink eye, which is no fun. Made a doctor's appointment.

I also found out, the day before yesterday, that I probably had some late books to return to the library.

I also knew, a week or so ago, that John's retirement lunch was going to be today and I was cludgeling my brain on how the HECK I was going to get him there without him knowing what was going on. Finally, this morning, with the doctor's appointment and the library late notice as good distractors, I made depressed noises at John about how bad a morning was and how much I hate being late on returning books and if he could go with me to return the book and I'd like a nice lunch as I was going to miss the group lunch tomorrow because of my doctor's appointment...

So he was very nice and went with me to the library and stayed with me while I returned my one day even later book (ten cents was well worth it for the excuse) and when I said I really, really needed a root beer float, he thought that the Pumphouse would be a great place to go.

So we parked, and walked in and he strode up to the front desk and asked for a table for two. When the lady asked me if I wanted a booth or a table I asked, "Where's the Xilinx party?" She said, "Oh... the Ex-e-links party is upstairs..." so I walked away and heard John going, "Hey, what's happening?"

So I took his hand and he said, "Oh, maaan...." and grinned as I walked him up the stairs and there were about 25 people all seated for lunch and they all said, "HEY! Rosty!" Hee.

It was good. He was very surprised and very pleased. He likes surprises. I tried pretty hard to surprise him and he had no idea until he walked up the stairs, so that was very, very keen. We had a good lunch, people congratulated him, some said good-bye, and it was good, all in all.

I was sneaky.

Super Model!

Of a different sort. :-)

We have a neighbor who is an air traffic controller. For the summer, he's boarding a student air traffic controller who's young, optimistic, and really into his job. The youngster was pretty bemused by what software programming is like, and after a while our neighbor started talking about our getting a tour of the controller areas. Actually see them while they're directing planes and stuff.

The younger guy is like "Oh! Yeah, we could get our computer guys to show you the computers!"

And both John and I are like, "No, thank you. We aren't interested in the computers, we're far, far more interested in your system of reality, thank you." Though John didn't put it that way.

Computers are a medium. A method for representing some pretty astonishing systems and things, but they're still just models. Reality is far more fascinating to me, and being able to see it live, raw, and real is far more interesting than through the filter of a model conceived by human beings. *grin* I realized that I don't love the model so much as the understanding of a new, complex system and how best to capture it. Yum.