July 8th, 2006


Momma's Adult Friends Day

This morning I even got up early and took a good shower. I had heard Jet up a while before I did, but it seemed that the grandparents had him well in hand. I also got up before John did, which is unusual, but by the time I was done with my ablations, he was in the bathroom with me and getting ready to go.

Jet was all ready to go. So we headed out and realized just a few blocks away that we'd forgotten the directions we'd printed out to get to ross_teneyck's house. He'd been kind enough to write them into an email for me, and George's print system had been kind enough to print it out beautifully for us, so we went back to the house, and Isabel had found them and had them ready for us. I took them back to the van and John had no troubles following them exactly to Ross' house. That was great.

From there we headed to a local Marie Calender's for breakfast! I hadn't known that they did breakfast, and the strawberry banana cream pie was awfully tempting in the lobby as we were shown into the nearly empty dining room. I guess folks didn't know that it was for breakfast, either. Or else we were just far, far too early for the usual breakfast crowd on a Saturday.

The breakfast was really good, too. Jet got French Toast and he did his best to eat it just like normal toast once I got the butter slathered on thickly enough. He just picked up the pieces and ate them out of hand. "It is toast." said John. I got the bacon quiche, and with it came fruit and a muffin. The muffin was a work of art in and of itself. For a restaurant that prides itself in its baked goods, the banana muffin lived up to the reputation, it was covered in sugar crystals and crisp pecans and the muffin body was buttery and tender. It did not need the pats of butter sitting next to it. Jet devoured as much of the sugary top he could without touching a single nut. I ate most of the nuts and a good deal of the muffin as well while waiting for my quiche.

The quiche was exactly what I wanted. That buttery, extremely short Marie Calendar crust filled with and extremely rich filling, cheddar cheese, chopped spinach, and plenty of crisply rendered bacon bits. Wow. It was just as rich as I expected any Marie Calendar savory pie to be and then some, as the custard seemed to be made from more cream than milk. Yow. It was well worth my trying and probably added another layer to all my arteries at once.

The fruit was not up to snuff. Just green grapes, watermelon chucks, and very bruised, brown edged honeydew chunks. As well. The coffee was good enough, but not great, and the service was pretty prompt on everything but John's coffee.

Jet ate three of his four pieces of French toast, and then ducked behind me for his post-food shy period. An elderly man complimented him on his dragon outfit and Jet just hid. The three of us got to talk quite a bit, which was good.

Ross' house brought Jet out more as there was much to intrigue him. After all those house tours we did for fun, Jet was all into seeing all the rooms a house had to offer, and cheerfully charged about exclaiming at the things he found, everything from "library" to "POTTY! Here is the potty, Mom!" He loved the punching bag in the backyard, the light saber collection, and the collection of tiny, trading card ships that Ross had collected. Ross was very kind and gave Jet one of the tiny ships and Jet has carried it about with him all day and put it in the same place as the tiny Christmas tree and glass turtle that Isabel gave him. He loves it.

When he saw the light sabers (and other real swords that Ross has), he launched into a convoluted explanation of the Lego Star Wars game that Ross was mostly able to follow (though the bit about putting the cut off hand in his pocket for later was a bit unfathomable) and join in on. That connected pretty well.

I was happy to catch up with Ross after more than a decade of not knowing exactly what had happened to him after he'd lived with us for a while. It was really nice to know that he had been doing quite well and has followed several paths that he is enjoying and which have worked out quite well for him. It was great to see him and just talk. We'll have to do it again before a decade plays out again. :-)

From there we headed towards the Fremont Troll. We found out that there was the Fremont Street Fair setting up right in the way of our way to blackwingedboy's lair. So John went off the main roads and up through the roundabouts and I called him to tell him we were coming. He didn't answer, which seemed odd, but then my cellphone rang a bare moment later. He showed himself when we arrived, and hopped into the van to a fairly raucous greeting.

I had to go to World Spice while I was in Seattle. Just HAD to. So we did. Kind of the long way by parking around Wall and 2nd and then walking in. Jet did some walking, but eventually asked to be carried, so I did, on my shoulders, and we went through the "Pick up Labor" area which was very odd, especially with demonstrators there who were against illegal immigrants. blackwingedboy was nice to us and decided to just keep walking. *grin* We then headed to the lower part of the market, though we could see the throngs in the upper bits, and found World Spice. I then besieged the counter lady, and got a few ounces of a dozen things.

I really don't like keeping tea or spices for more than six months. I like just getting enough for me to get through a season or year, and then buying more when I need it, so getting a few ounces of this and of that is the only way I can get through it all while it's still viable. So we did everything from peppermint tea to licorice root to smoky BBQ rub to roasted chai mix, plus a bit of pu-erh for blackwingedboy just so he could say that he had poo........... erh in his pocket for the rest of the day. They also had glass gaiwan there for just $12, so I had to get one of those, too, though I could tell John was bemused as it was exactly the same shape and function as my jade one. *grin* But it's glass, I say. He takes me at my word, and John and Jet play checkers while the lady measures, labels, seals, and then charges me for everything. I get away for less than thirty dollars and consider my morning very, very well spent.

From there we head into the press of the main Market so that John can get a good pound of smoked salmon. I ask to go to the crumpet shop and instead of buying a bag of them that will go stale before we can even eat them, I ask for one honey crumpet to go, and get called "Butter crumpet" by the boys to a reaction of low growls and a bemused look from the counter lady.

We then head back to the car and Jet's flagging from lack of food. John stops at a very extremely local coffee and drinks shop and Jet gets lemon-aide while we all pick up some kind of espresso drink. We get happy and do the walk back to the car before the parking time runs out. Yay! Jet walks nearly the whole distance and dances some of it while singing about his drink. I hold his hand during the parts that are scary for me, and he is oblivious and that is all to the good.

From there we head to Lake Union and the I Heart Sushi on the banks of that esteemed body of water. We all eat far too much great sushi for lunch and Jet asks for a bowl of rice and polishes it off neatly, all the while asking if he can go out on a kayak, as the kayak rental is a bare ten feet from our glassed-in patio table. I deeply enjoy the over the top Tropical roll with salmon and mango on the outside, flying fish roe and tuna on the inside, and a blueberry soy and wasabi mayonnaise on the bottom. Wow. Just Wow. Not everyone's fruity, savory, creamy, chewy, crunchy delight, but it certainly was mine. Happy sigh. Along with a bit of spider roll and some plain raw salmon, it made for quite the meal.

blackwingedboy's Catapillar Roll intrigued Jet with its antenna and googly-eyed salmon egg eyes. I enjoyed a piece of the eel and avocado richness. It might all have offset breakfast, but I'm not at all sure.

We talked and ate and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth. Then John and Jet got life vests and then hopped into a two-person kayak together. Jet even got a set of paddles and he was very, very intent as he paddled out into the mildly choppy lake water with John stroking strongly and quietly behind him. They were soon well out along the shore, peering at the moored boats and following the geese.

blackwingedboy and I sat on a shaded bench and just talked about life and how he'd gotten back to Seattle after going out to Washington D.C. after we'd left the Northwet in 1998. Quite the adventure. It was good to catch up with him, too, and while it hasn't been quite a decade for us, like with Ross, the relationship and friendship kind of just kept going from where we'd stopped. Just picked up as comfortably as it had left off so long ago even though we're different and now have more experiences under our belt, but the interaction patterns somewhat the same. Lots of questions on our part, too, just to understand what had happened and who they are now. That was very nice.

John and Jet headed back to the floating platform. John thought about taking me out for a bit, too, but it was too late by the time we got there, and that was okay with me. I was in my Costco skirt and didn't really want to go out on the water. John, blackwingedboy, and I then found plastic chairs to sit on in the shade while Jet played in the sunshine on a climbing structure with plenty of sand underneath it for him to carry to the top of the structure. He worked really hard at it, and when other kids arrived, he happily said, "I have friends!" and played with them very well. We happily sat in the shade and talked. It was good.

A good while later, John asked Jet, "How you doing?"

"Good. I am sweaty, though."

"Five more minutes?"


And Jet worked away industriously. When the five minutes were up he cheerfully shouted, "Goodbye" to the kids and their mom. The mom grinned and said, "Good-bye." back which got Jet to smile, and we were off again.

Jet inhaled the rest of his lemonade and we were off to drop the candid corvid back off at his lair. we did try to see the Troll on the way back, but an extremely active and not too good production of Romeo and Juliet was wending its violent way at the foot of the Troll. So Jet just got to see the concrete critter while trying to peer at "the fighting boys" as well.

We then headed home and I plied all the yarn on my spindle while John and Isabel bought food for half the camping trip and George and Jet tried to put together a puzzle. George was great with Jet, patient, encouraging, and very verbal about the decision process on how to do the puzzle. Jet responded at first, but later, since he was quite tired, started getting a little destructive. By then I'd finished plying, so I went over, and put him in my lap and he nearly fell asleep; but then discovered that he could put lots of pieces in. Woot! So he got interested again, and between the three of us we finished the puzzle in pretty short order. Then George had to work on Isabel's bike, so Jet and I played Uno. He won the first two games and was cheering and dancing in his usual fashion, but then I won the next three.

Then Jet started acting like he was sniffling and crying. He'd sniffle three times and then both of us would crack up and giggle like mad. It was really funny for both of us, he loved doing the sniffling routine and cracked up every single time. Hee. I loved it as he was actually being an excellent sport about the whole thing. Of course, he crowed whenever he gave me a "Draw Two" card, even when he forgot that he didn't have a card of the same color and by his rules, he drew more cards than I did. *giggles*. But for that last game, I had nearly twenty cards by the time he won. He was very proud of that. *grin*

By the time we were done with our last game, John and Isabel came home, and Isabel started making dinner. I started working on the last four rows of the Sun/Moon sweater body. Jet wandered about a bit until Isabel asked him to set the table. He carefully counted out all the silverware, got the napkins out, and then asked everyone what drinks they wanted, and reported everything back to Isabel when he was done. He was happy to do the work and I think he felt important and good about having done it well, to Isabel's praises. That was really cool.

Dinner was fun. Jet ate his usual rice with salt and pepper, as he'd learned at niherlas's house, and then ate a ton of raspberries with Dream Whip. We had a lovely turkey salad and a curried apple salad along with a bit of rice salad and cranberry sauce. Yum. Jet had put me in the direct sun, but a hat took care of the worst of it, and by later in the evening the shadows had gotten long enough for me to hide in them. After Colorado I don't spent any more time in direct sun than I have to; but sometimes it's good to be good and warm.

I got to eat my Greek honey yogurt from Trader Joe's with my raspberries. Wow that stuff is good. It's made with cream as well as milk and it's good and thick from, I think, a combination of the cultures and dried milk that's added to the mix. It's nearly like ice cream as far as I'm concerned and it was a wonderful way to eat raspberries. George and John tasted it and commented happily. George studied the carton and the fat content certainly is higher than his nonfat yogurt. I guess it's just my Fat Day today.

After dinner I finished the last of the body panels for the Sun/Moon sweater. The body is now reasonable in size even for me, so I'm mildly less worried about there being enough yarn for the shoulder seams. Still, I did the top row of the body in yellow as I still have more of that than I do the purple, and it seems prudent to do the shoulder seams in the yarn I have more of. I think using the purple in my left hand for most of the first half really did use more of it more quickly as I'm just looser knitting with my left hand. The body looks great, even with the steek bunching up the top of the front. Now I get to do the sleeves.

I also packed the stuff for the next four camping days out on the beach/shores of Oregon. It's supposed to be pretty cool out there, sixties and windy. We'll see, and it'll be interesting to try and do sandcastles in that kind of weather. It'll be great to see Walt and Cathie again.

After the long, hot (max 85° F), and long walking day, I decided to just do a short shower and then sit down and write this while I remember it. I'm going to take my Visor with me for the camping trip and I'll see if I can't download those entries when I get back. I'll admit that I should have found a wireless place for all these backdated entries already, but I haven't, and I'll try again when I get back to civilization.