July 26th, 2006



I was in denial, and thought about not going to the Flower Bin at all, yesterday, but I finally capitulated to a very patient John and took the cutting to the store. They actually have an analysis desk! Amazing, but they actually had two people there whose whole purpose was to look at stuff people brought in and figure out what they could do about it! I was amazed.

Use your local nursery!! Darnit.

So I brought the cutting in, with John to back me up, and the guy tried to make a joke while peering at the leaf from the plant. He asked us what else we had in the garden, and we listed zucchini, carrots, string beans, three kinds of onions, and a medley of beet-type objects. The list was so long he couldn't remember them all, and ended up just saying, "Bring some of all of that in, arrainged nicely in a basket, and if it's good this year, you're good for next year." *grin*

I may well bring some of my produce in anyway, as there's so MANY tomatoes it's just insane.

The best thing was that the other plants only have some mites and jumping beetle on them, nothing that a little bit of soap spray won't take care of. Whew. So I bought a bottle of the spray and one of the new rubber buckets that is good and flexible and easy to carry around.

So everyone else is as healthy as they look and my fretting was only hurting me. *sigh*

I'm still mildly worried about the Green Zebras as in their new configuration, the fruit is really exposed to sun, which can burn them pretty badly out here. There's actually something called sunscald that will actually scar the fruit badly. So I'm coaxing some of the branches out to shade the fruit and to get more sunshine themselves.

I did spend the rest of the morning pruning back the roses, and then the afternoon we took taking Dean to Costco and Pacific Ocean Market so that he could experience them for himself. I bought too much stuff, but there's a party on Sunday and I think we can feed most of the excess to others. One splurg was half a side of Sockeye salmon that was fresh and only $10 a pound, which, for here, is pretty phenominal for fresh.

It RAINED last evening. Lots. Thunder, lightening, and a huge downpour that just went on and on and soaked some stuff in the library as we had the house open to cool it down when the storm cooled things down outside. John cooked the salmon on a cedar plank out on the grill and made rice. I stir fried vegetables, and we had a great dinner. There was so much that Tonya was interested in some of it, and John brought it over to her as she had all four kids for the evening. I was soaked when I went to get Jet for dinner.

I spent most of the evening watching "Pirates of the Carribean: The Black Pearl", twice, once with Johnny Depp and the director just talking about everything they remembered about making the movie, including the director once ending up on his back four feet from where he started when some of the explosives experts got a bit enthusiastic. My. The way they talk about moving making makes me really want to try something related to that sometime. Wow. Fun stuff.

Plus I got to see what happened to Captain Barbosa the first time through, and I got to see why the monkey, alone, is immortal again.

I also am nearly finished with the second sleeve. Yay for actual rest time...