August 9th, 2006



Life, at this moment, is very good. Someone just left 21 volumns of Ranma 1/2 on my chair.

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19th Anniversary

It's a little odd to realize that we've been married that long. :-) We did what we usually do on our anniversary, which is go out and eat together and talk about the last year. John was great and got me roses and a card during the day. We decided to count the sweater as my anniversary present to him, though it was no surprise, and it was good.

Jet was a the vacation bible school, so we had about two hours. We went to Sushi Hana in the north part of town and had good sushi, and then went to Cafe Luna to get coffee drinks. We shared a really rich caramel apple pie, likely from Costco, but better to buy a slice than the whole thing. And we talked.

It's been a good, strange year, and I'll admit that we're more occupied with the upcoming year than the one past. So it was fun to sit back and relax and think about it.

Then we went back to the church, helped out with some projector stuff for a slide show on Sunday and I took ninja pictures of all the classes, and enjoyed watching everyone out in "the dig" digging for treasure. Jet was very, very pleased about being able to keep what he found. But he was so tired that by the closing time he was crying over everything, so we took him out and went home and he promptly went to sleep. It's good having a child who asks, "Is it bedtime, yet?" rather than fighting it. Jet knows when he's tired. I'm thankful for that.
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