August 24th, 2006


Riding the Bus!

Jet was so excited about going to the big school and Kindergarten and getting to Ride the Bus! Hee. It was good and I tried to keep all my anxiety about things out of everything, and I think it worked okay. We walked Jet to the bus this morning, and I walked my bike so I could get to work at 9 instead of trying to walk back to home and get a car or something, it was faster on the bike.

Jet happily put his pack with all the other kid's packs and then tried to climb all the trees the other kids were climbing and he introduced himself quite happily to everyone that introduced themselves. Chris, who is a neighbor of ours and now in first grade, was there as well. He was riding the bus for the second time, as he'd gone on the bus yesterday. So he buddied up with Jet and they got on the bus together when it came. I loved the scramble of all the kids grabbing their packs and getting on in a row.

I got a few shots and John asked for the camera as I started to go to work. HE had plans. And he did chase the bus, maybe on his bike for all I know, and got pictures of Jet walking from where the bus actually stops, which is in front of the middle school, not in front of the elementary school. But Chris knew the way and both boys could see their school, so they made their own way that way. Jet went right to the waiting wall and got swallowed by the crowd of kids and twice as many parents. John kept out of sight, just to let him do it on his own and took a few paparazzi-style shots of Jet. Hee. The crowd around the kindergarten wall was so thick, though, Jet got hidden pretty quickly.

So my big boy is now bigger. He seems very outgoing, completely unafraid, and eager to see this new stuff. So that was very, very heartening to me. He has confidence and I'm so happy about that.

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