August 25th, 2006



I had to stay at work until 5, so I missed Jet getting off the bus, but both boys happily told me about it.

Since he'd done so well on his first day of school, Jet got to pick where we ate and he picked, as usual, the Souper Salad. So, over salad, they two of them talked about all the things that happened.

Jet loved that, at one point, "We were all coloring and we got quiet! So the teacher said, 'Wow! This is just your first day of school and look! You're all QUIET! You're doing great!'" And he fell over giggling at that. "We were actually quiet!"

At one point, John was trying to untangle the number of stops Jet had to wait through to get home or to school and he and Jet were mixing up which way who was talking about what and John said, "But, when you got off the bus you told me there weren't any stops between the school and home!"

"No I didn't!" retorted Jet, "I told you I made my hat!!"

Ah... and I used to think computers were too literal. Ah hem.

Jet's hat was probably the biggest heart attach inducer of the whole day. He came home wearing a little crown that said, "CLASS OF 2019! This is my first day of Kindergarten! So welcome me to Eagle Crest. I'm going to be in the class of 2019!" AGGH!