August 29th, 2006


Second Day

The second time of sending Jet off on the bus was not nearly as monumental as the first. Plus, he not only had Chris, but he got Tanner as well to be with on the bus and going to school with on the bus. Macy and Tonya and Peter came as well to see Tanner off, and it was a party until the bus actually came. *grin* That was pretty fun. John has his OUR Center stint on Tuesday mornings, now, as that's when Jet's in school and the teacher has asked for volunteers to not start until mid-September or October, it's too distracting to have the parents in the classroom until after they've established their routine with the teacher.

Jet did ride the bus home yesterday afternoon. John stepped out the garage at 3:45 as the bus isn't really supposed to arrive until 3:55, but as he came out of the house, the bus drove by him. Oops. So he finished closing the garage door and then sprinted for the stop. Hee. Chris had his head out the window and waved at the running John. That was pretty funny for all involved.

The kids had a "go to everyone's house" evening last night and they played everywhere. Jet had some cheese pizza and bolted for the herd. We had the ravioli I'd bought from the Farmer's Market on Saturday. It was good.

The weather has broken and cooled off significantly from before. There's been rain every weekend for the last month! Which has been kind of cool. It's now definitely fall sliding into Winter, with a few bursts of Summer in unexpected times.

A Thing I Want to Remember

Last Friday Longmont had a City Party where they blocked off a chunk of Main street and they had lots of folks out on the street in booths. There were a dozen different Bouncy Castles, lots of food vendors, and right in the middle they had a huge art area with boxes of chalk out for anyone to draw with. They also had a huge Bubble Tower that would shower cascades of bubbles on everyone, an area with dozens of pairs of stilts for anyone to try, and a bunch of buckets with ropes attached to do an easier version of stilt walking. People were all over that and all over the chalk. That was cool.

All of the bouncy castles were free. There was also a climbing wall. I think it was a good thirty feet tall, with three automatic winches that they attached to full butt harnesses that were wrapped around the kid that wanted to climb. The line was HUGE, though the line for getting a bag of chips was half the size of that, and it took me a good half hour to just get Jet a bag of BBQ chips, but that's a different story.

When Jet got to the front, he got his harness on, and then got hooked up and away he went. About a third of the way up, he lost both right foot and hand holds and swung out like a door. He was above my head at that point, but that didn't faze him at all. He just frowned, and swung himself back a couple of times and then latched back on. He wasn't scared at all by that, and just kept going up. After that, though, he seemed to do more testing of his foot holds before the next hand hold. So I was glad of that.

At the very top, there was a cow bell for each of the faces of the wall. It was out of Jet's arm reach when he was at the top, as it was made for adults, I guess. He didn't hesitate. He just gathered his arms and legs and *LEAPT AWAY FROM THE WALL* at the bell. My heart stopped, I think, but he trusted that harness and belt completely and couldn't think of any other way to reach the bell.

The operator at the bottom shook his head and said, "Man, he's fearless!" He also caught Jet on the way down. The winch was made for much, much heavier people, and Jet came down very, very slowly when he let himself dangle on it. Then the operator praised Jet a lot for climbing the way he did and gave him a High 5. The interesting thing is that in all the time we'd been waiting in line, I hadn't actually seen the operator say much more than two words to any of the other kids, though he had smiled at a few of them and helped them expertly with their gear.

It was Jet's first time up a climbing wall. He loved it. He was sad about not actually hitting the bell; but we all waxed amazed at him getting all the way to the top on his first try. We'll have to do it again at the Rec. Center.