October 10th, 2006


Quiet Evenings

The last few evenings have been pretty quiet.

I've been playing a lot of Okami while Jet is playing with his friends. We have dinner and then Jet and I play Star Wars II. He and John were playing in the daytime, before school, and Jet already finished all three Episodes and all six chapters within them, so when he plays with me, he shows me around the areas. He likes seeing the things first, and then explaining them to me.

So I mostly tag along and help gather up studs and keep track of when we get close to the "True Jedi" status and mostly just try not to drag him away from whatever he's trying.

I figure that the main message of good video games is "Keep trying and you'll get good." Something that can be applied to real life, I think. It's only when the game is easier than life that it gets harder to figure out.

I think I'm in process. I deeply, utterly, want to take a week off and spend the whole darn thing playing games. By myself. Which, as a mother and a married woman isn't exactly the most likely thing to ever happen. However. The gut's still there.

John's parents arrive Wednesday, which should be fun. I may take off the whole of the last week of October, which will coincide with just the last few days of their trip. Give myself a few days to just feed the introvert and maybe process enough in the background that I can bring it to the foreground and really tackle it.

John had a class last night, and Jet and I enjoyed each other's company. Tonight is my beekeeping class, which should be fun, too, though I do wonder if I was supposed to have read the three chapters we'll be covering tonight. It's been too many years since I went to class to remember these basic things. *grin* Plus, since it's "adult ed" I don't know if I really need to worry about any standard other than, "What do I really want to get out of the class?" Well, we'll see.
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