October 30th, 2006


Eaten Brain

My brain has been eaten by Okami. The beauty of the graphics and the way the pieces of the story fit together in a pretty impressive array in order to get each stage done, the further along I go the more complex the interweaving and it's really fun and not TOO scary for Jet. He says so. *grin*

We're have a great time after the initial adventure, there's a whole lot more after the finish of the original premise and it's been a lot of fun. A few bits have been frustrating, in that there are some things that are just really hard to do; but once the mental bend is figured out, the character gets more powerful and usage of the wolf gets a lot more powerful. I also am spotting things now that, at the beginning of the game, were just part of the background. It's really cool.

One interesting aspect is that the timing really isn't that important. That in the midst of one stage, after getting a certain capability it's entirely okay to go all the way back to the beginning and clean up all those things that were left before. And sometimes a good thing to do, too, as you get stuff you wouldn't have had before facing another big boss. The bosses are hard, the 'interrupt' fights are pretty easy, and there isn't all that much room between them.

But Jet and I have been having a blast with it, perhaps too much of a blast, sometimes, as John gets a little frustrated with us going into the basement and playing. :-)

The Very Long Weekend

I took off Thursday so that I could just spend all day in the basement to play Okami. :-)

But it snowed! Big time snow. So it was pretty damp and cold, but John and Jet and I walked to the bus stop in the morning, which was good. I actually spent most of the morning doing some really simple things like washing the dishes. Yeesh. Washing the dishes. I take vacation so I can feel unpressured enough to enjoy washing the dishes.

So I washed dishes, spun a little, played my video games, and made cheese steak sandwiches with onions from my garden for John and I. They were good.

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