November 1st, 2006



Just before going to bed last night, Jet leaned on me and sighed, "This was the BEST Halloween EVER."

He'd had a blast with his Pumpkin Head. A kid at the bus stop said, "That's really silly but really cool, too." Jet got a lot of high-5's in the parade and lots of thumbs up as well, as lots of kids thought it was cool enough to let Jet know they thought it was neat. So he loved that.

At recess, though, he was told by the teacher that he couldn't wear his pumpkin head because he wouldn't be able to see to run around. So he dutifully took it off. Then, while he was standing in the playground, thinking, some other kid ran right into him and knocked him over. Jet hit his forehead on a rock. The duty teacher carried him to the nurse's office, I think perhaps more because he was crying than because he couldn't walk, because the nurse called John to tell him that Jet had had a head injury, but seemed to be fine. They put ice on it, and when John could get there, Jet was in line at the library and happy to see him, but not upset at all about the injury.

Later, Jet said, "There was a HUGE bump like a button you could push!" *grin* He thought that was pretty funny. *sigh*

There was no dizziness or problems, but it was a little scary for me. Still, since it didn't really seem to affect Jet, we didn't make a fuss out of it, and he wore a bandage to the work Halloween party under his pumpkin head. He scared a little 1-year-old just by existing. He was a little taken aback by that, but stuck with it.

So he did the whole work walk around the whole building to get candy at all the stations with Tanner. We were taking care of Tanner for the early evening. We all had a quick dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches and then Tanner's mom called to say that everyone was setting off to Trick Or Treat. Since the sun had set at 5, it was easy to decide. So all the kids gathered over there and started heading around the neighborhood.

I stayed home to hand out candy and knit. I had Isabel's sock on my needles, and all three of us had realized that Jet didn't have a good, warm pair of mittens and I had plenty of yarn for such and he has such small hands. So I worked, really hard, on finishing Isabel's first sock and recording all the rows and stitches so that I could recreate it next time. Then I started Jet's first mitten.

It was COLD out, in the mid-20's, and John had bought Jet an adult t-shirt in orange that fit over his heavy coat. But it was also clear and dry. So we had more kids come by last night than we have for a few years. We gave away nearly five bags of candy. Wow. I had to put on wool socks just because of the blasts of cold air when I opened the door.

Jet then came home after an hour in the cold and he was pretty tired. He then sorted all his candy and started giving John and I the pieces he didn't want. *grin* He ate one gummy eye and tossed the other one, but then had a lot of fun just picking two more pieces before it was bed time.

He was exhausted, but very, very happy. How very cool.

I stayed up too late finishing off Isabel's sock and starting Jet's mitten to the point where I really needed him to try it on before I went further. I got to have him try them on this morning, and it was good! Yay! So I now have it in my knitting pouch off my purse so that I can work on it during lunch. It should be very fast and he should be able to go to the bus with warm hands tomorrow.
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