November 7th, 2006


Odds and Ends

It takes about one day for a completely turquoise dyed palm to return to normal.

That was mildly unexpected, as I'd unwrapped Jet's painted wool with bare hands, thinking that the dye would have exhausted, but I'd forgotten about the solution that was trapped between sheets of plastic and hadn't been able to go into the wool. Oops. Next time, gloves for the unveiling. I happily took a "snail" picture of the roving, and I'll get that up when I can.

I was expecting to have blue hands for days....

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We had a ton of really odd ballot measures this year.

A few of which were gussed-up disasters, most were pretty contentious.

I'm almost afraid to watch any of the returns.

Interestingly enough, there's a domestic partnerships measure, which guarantees things like hospital visitation rights, insurance benefits, and other of the basic legal rights spouses have. The interesting thing is that it also defines marriage as "only the union of one man and one woman", which I'm totally against. Commitment is commitment in my book, but getting those legal rights to people that don't have them? That's important too. Hard to decide for me on that one.

I voted absentee this year, just because I hate the lines and it was incentive for Jet to do his homework while Mommy was doing her homework. He commented that the book Mommy was reading was HUGE... and, with 14 measures, some of which were amendments to the state constitution and some dozen judge approvals and several offices coming up for grabs, it was a lot of Blue Book (the state prints a book with everything in it for folks and it's blue on the cover, so it's The Blue Book here).
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