November 8th, 2006


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It should NOT be 78° in Colorado in November. It's just wrong.

But the downslope winds from the West have made it very, very warm and very, very windy. So windy, in fact, that I am leaning my bike at alarming angles into the wind just to ride to work and to home for lunch. It's bemusing to my very conscious mind that my body simply reacts to the gusts in very useful but rather scary ways. So long as I let what I think of as the Argent side of me just go with what is, I'm okay, whenever I try to take conscious control of what's happening, it's even more alarming. So I just sit back and watch while we ride merrily through the gusting leaves, dust, and grit.

I am very glad of my sunglasses.

I guess we're getting our 50's and 40's back tomorrow, and I'll be sorry to not ride my bike in when it's spitting snow and sleet; but it'll at least feel more normal than this.