November 29th, 2006


Walking In

It snowed last night. Nearly six inches and another four to come today...

... and I wasn't up to driving less than a mile in a still cold car, and sliding around a neighborhood that doesn't usually plow the streets until the snow is mostly going to melt anyway...

... so I borrowed a page out of ross_teneyck's journal and got on my Big REI Boots, my down jacket, my fur hat, and my Big wool scarf and stole John's fleece gloves and walked into work in the middle of the snow storm.

It's less than a mile, and with the scarf and sunglasses I could cut the wind and blown snow. It's also supposed to stop this afternoon, so that's good, too. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, though the boots are pretty heavy and it was a good work out. It helped, a lot, that they'd plowed most of the sidewalks and the whole of the path from the street to the plant. So the walkway on the company property was clear as a whistle. That was cool.

Colorado drivers, mostly, are pretty good about driving around here. Plus it's pretty much as flat as the rest of the mid-West once you're on this side of the mountains, so no real hills to deal with on the most part. Until you get the obvious transplant who thinks the white stuff is just pretty and tries to shoot a gap or doesn't seem to figure out that tailgating on ICE IS A BAD IDEA. Ahem. So I thought it's cool to just avoid all that. Plus, it is actually warm enough that I got hot in my coat and undid my ear flaps for part of the walk. That was fun.
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Jet ate salad last night for dinner. Lettuce leaves with ranch dressing and croutons. School had introduced him to the delight of "Ranch dressing", so he was willing to do that for dinner last night.

I was very impressed.

He's also been happily plowing through half a box of Cuties (clementine oranges) a week, too, now that they're out for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So the boy is doing very well on fruit and veg. He still won't touch identifiable meat, but is happy to eat Pepperoni, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and the like, but Thanksgiving Turkey was Right Out. He pretty much dined on the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls he and I made together.

But the door is now open to vegetables, prepared in a very particular way, but veg nonetheless. Yay!