December 31st, 2006

sheep egg

Not Too Bad

So the second storm wasn't as bad as the first and it's been sunny and cold since. 20's in the day, teens and single digits at night, but the sun here is so powerful that the blacktop just starts turning everything to slush when it's out.

I think I was cranky because I thought I couldn't go out with the weather. Then I didn't go out anyway. The boys went sledding for most of Saturday afternoon, and then we went and watched Night at the Museum, which turned out to be MUCH better than I'd thought it would be. I have a dislike of most Ben Stiler movies, but in this case, he only had a handful of episodes of 'being himself' and the rest of it was quite good. Jet enjoyed it immensely and John liked it as well.

Today was church and then John had OUR Center duties. Jet and I went home, had some lunch and then got ready to go skating at the Longmont skating rink. They have an open pavilion with a roof over it but it's open to the outdoors and in the winter, they turn it into a skating rink. Having NEVER been on the ice before, Jet did wonderfully. It's good having that low center of gravity and a balance system that is very, very sharp about learning how to balance. He went from falling just about every step he took to getting all the way around the rink and only having to clutch the wall once! Amazing how quickly kids learn.

We hadn't known that the place was only open until 3. So we got there with only half an hour to go until closing. Which turned out to be plenty of time for Jet to find his ice legs, but I hadn't thought it would be worth it to pay for both John and I. I kind of regret that, now, as half an hour was plenty long when they were working so hard just to stay up. I got some pictures of everyone, but it was hard behind the netting they had up, perhaps for hockey players at the "off" hours.

I also managed to spin some mohair and wool for socks, which is turning out to be very solid and cushy and nice. I'm likely to paint it with some kind of zig zag pattern from Yarn to Dye For, though not in the colors in the book. Plus I'm unlikely to use the 40 yard skein for it, as a single row around a woman's sock with my yarns and needles is closer to 50 inches than 40 yards and I'm not too keen on the psuedo Fair Isle when I'd rather do it for real. I also started a pair of Feather and Fan socks using an approximation of a recipe in Sensational Socks. Yes. I doubt I'll ever do a pattern, other than Meg's, exactly as said, and with Meg's patterns, it's cause she rarely gets exact enough to do so. *grin*

The Modular Knits book now has me thinking about how to make an interesting scarf. I rarely find scarves all that interesting any more. Fast, yes. Interesting, no. And there's a lady that's ONLY able to do garter stitch at the moment, and this might make it a lot more fun. *grin* The Scarves for Orphan's program wants 'em all in reds, so red it is... but at least I can make it fun to knit even if it is all one color...