January 2nd, 2007


Look Ma, No Hands!

Look Ma, No Hands!
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This is Jet going over the jump in the local park area. He would take a running start at the sled at the top of the hill, land on it on his knees, and his forward momentum would be transferred to the sled and he'd go flying down the hill.

He got this technique down solid and took it to a much bigger hill around here, and did just fine.

It's good to have a small body with less weight, low center of gravity, and good knees. *laughter*

He got me to go down that slope, too. And I had to sit down on the sled and scoot forward. My mass, though, made the downhill ride quite thrilling enough for me. No need for the running start. Though Jet did offer to run with me and have both of us land on the sled at the same time! Quite generous of him.

First Day of the Year

Our first day of the New Year was a good one. I managed to call my Mom for her birthday. We also puttered about a bit, as we all got a late start. I was very thankful that Jet didn't get up until after 8 am, as his normal wake up time is around 7 or even 6:30. He was pretty tired, too, I think, after we'd spent much of the night before at Peter's indoor soccer arena.

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I am working on the very lacy feather and fan socks, kind of in a women's medium size for a normal sock.

Jet came by last evening and said, "Who are those socks for, Mom?"

"I don't know yet." I answered as I put a few more stitches in.

"Are they for you?"

"I don't think so."

"Are they for Granny or Poa Poa?"


"Why aren't you making socks for me or... hey, they could be for Sadie!"

"I don't know, Jet. I'm not sure if they're exactly for anyone yet. And they're a bit too big for Sadie (who is three)." I'd been thinking about putting them in a charity auction as they're kind of turning into Fabrege egg type socks, all kinds of soft Mediterranean country-side colors in mosaic-type dots with a deep blue-purple and a brown streak of zigzags through it, almost like the ceramic colors for the border tiling there. They have the three-D aspect of the ridged lace, and they're certainly not knock-about socks...

Jet laughed at that, "They can't be socks for Nobody! You can't make socks that aren't for anyone, Mom."

I had to laugh then, too. He's likely right in a way. And, up to now, pretty much every single sock I've made have been for someone very specific. But, for now, I baffled him by saying, "Well, for now I just don't know who they're for."

Jet's Orchid

Jet's Orchid
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It never ceases to amaze me what Jet can create with nothing but a few blobs of paint and some paper. He did this in art class a few weeks ago and then came home and carefully cut out quarter sheets of paper, plopped a few drops of primary colored tempura paints on them and then folded them.

I think this one is my favorite, as it looks an awful lot like an orchid.

He calls them his "bugs" and they drew antennae, eyes, and legs on them in class. So they were a lot more detailed in class.

I'll admit that I love just the raw patterns of paint on this paper...

Close-up of the Texture of Nobody's Sock

Close-up of the Texture
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A picture of the full sock can be seen here. This close up does a better job of showing the actual texture and color play on the sock, though the brown turned out more red in these pictures than I liked. Ah well. But this is prety good picture of how the lace texture shows 3D.

It's stretched over my hand.

This was done on US 2's in KnitPick's Dancing in the "Square Dance" colorway. It's a 5-hole, 56 stitch, gusstted heel variation off of the ridged feather and fan socks in Sensational Socks. Made for more medium-sized women's feet. A little too small for me, but they're good and stretchy.