January 6th, 2007


Seven More Inches

We got more snow Thursday night and most of the morning of the Friday. Jet and I mostly just stayed at home and played inside. Didn't really mess with the outside at all, as John had left for the OUR center before I even got up.

Then, the doorbell rang!

It was the mailman! He was covered in snow and I could see he'd slogged his way through the snow-covered walkway up to the door. And he handed me a beat-up, heavy package and he needed a signature to deliver it. So I signed it, and told him thank you for delivering it and he grinned and headed off. Yay! It was incandescens's package!

I then asked Jet what he wanted for lunch, as it was a big past noon, and he said a corn dog. When I went into the garage to get his corn dog I heard the vrooom, vrooom, vroom sound of someone stuck on ice and trying to spin his way out. Oops. I opened the garage door, got my coat and boots on, and found the mail truck stuck in front of my neighbor's house. I got out the shovels and the mail man was very grateful as two strapping teenage boys from the next house down came out to help push. It was a snow day at school, today, so they were home and willing to help out. I shoveled a bit, and the guy got out, no problem by backing out of what turned into a high center problem with ice underneath the snow to help pull traction.

So, yes, incandescens, your package and the lovely card arrived! :-)

I then spent most of the afternoon digging our front walks, the driveway, and then the post office boxes out of the snow, as I felt guilty for 'getting' the post man stuck due to my package. Several folks who use the same boxes thanked me for clearing that area, which was kind of cool, too. Jet tried sledding from the top of all the mountains of ice and snow that the snow removal equipment had created by the mail boxes. He first tried the mounds next to the driveway, as they are already taller than I am and a pain to get more snow onto. But after flattening most of it (and making it easier for me to shovel onto them), he decided that the BIG mountain by the mailboxes would be much cooler. So I shoveled there while keeping an eye on him. That was pretty fun.

John came home, picked up our mail and chatted before we all went inside.

Sushi for dinner. Yum...

The punch line is that we're supposed to have another snow storm next week, again another snow-filled Friday.