January 8th, 2007



Jet's school is actually closed today because of the wind. Amazing...

20-40mph steady and 80-100 mph gusts expected. Plus the wind is pushing all the loose snow onto the roads, and the plow crews can't keep up as the wind, steadily, does more. Plus some of the snow is polishing the ice that hadn't been cleaned up until it has a mirror-like finish.

The good part to all this is that, this time, the wind is coming from the West, not the East. So it's coming off the mountains and expanding; therefore, it's warming. So we're likely to hit the 50's today, and with the wind it's going to be like a convection current, and I'm already seeing some of the ice/snow banks softening and running with water that... well... can't go anywhere as nearly ALL the street drainage is blocked by, you guessed it, ice and snow...

It's going to be a mess today. *sigh*

The other good parts, though, are that at altitude, 100 mph winds don't hve nearly the force they have at sea level. Plus most of the electricity utilities here are set up to withstand that kind of wind. And, thirdly, all the trees here, in order to grow, have to be watered, so there isn't nearly the wind hazard to power there is in Seattle, so we should do okay in those winds as long as we don't go out too much. Whew...

I Don't Actually KEEP Bees, Yet

On Saturday I was kind of on edge, as I had no idea what I was supposed to do that afternoon at the National Western Stock Show (okay... why is it National AND Western, or are only folks in the West stock keepers? That seems wrong...). I was signed up from 2-6pm to man the bee booth, but the main coordinator called to say that because of the snow, they hadn't been able to get the live colony out of it's hive, yet. They were going to try at noon (when it would be 24° F instead of 7°F) and they might not get to the show before the end of my shift. He advised that it would probably be slow without the bees.

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