January 25th, 2007


So I Remember

On the way to the bus stop this morning, we were walking along, and got near the bus stop and suddenly a boy at the stop started yelling, "HURRY! JET'S ALMOST HERE!!!" to the two brothers that usually come around the same time we do. They started running across the open area.

Jet was oblivious. I said, "Hmm... I guess they're trying to race you, Jet."

And Jet looked up as the first boy yelled, again, "HURRRY!!!" *giggles*

I guess Jet took that as a signal for himself, and he looked both ways on the street, and then ran for it.

He came in right between the two brothers, and they were okay with that. As the bigger one keeps pinning or throwing the younger one in the snow. So the younger one doesn't mind Jet being between him and his brother that much. Jet was pretty proud of himself.

Also... for the first time that I can remember, Jet sat in a seat where he could see me as the bus pulled away, and he waved to me the whole way, grinning happily.
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Jet's First Hockey Game and I Play Catchup

Jet and John went to watch Jet's first semi-pro hockey game last night. A friend had gotten tickets he couldn't use, so he gave them to the boys and they were right behind the home team's goal. They had a blast, as far as I can tell. :-) They only stayed to watch the first two periods, but they didn't get home until 10 and Jet was all droopy and tired. His eyes are still a little puffy today and he seems to be starting a bit of congestion. But he was in excellent spirits this morning, and he talked all about how the first game was better than the second because they scored so much and how much he liked the noisemaker he'd gotten. And that he'd seen little kids playing hockey on the ice! And...

... it was cool to get the burbling this morning. It was a cool, little junior hockey game, so none of the big professional bru-ha-ha. Mostly just enthusiastic kids all over the place. So I'm glad his first exposure was lots of fun.

I had knitting in the evening, and it's getting close enough to the deadline that I'm working on the last scarf pretty diligently. If only I didn't have three baby sweaters to do, a promised hat, plus the last of Nobody's Sock so that I can get the cuffs onto Jet's felted mittens, and I promised John a pair of felted mittens before we left.

*grin* It's good to be busy. I have a near panic situation at work, trying to tie up all the loose ends AND do a class on Friday AND do all the reviews AND report the accomplishments of the last quarter AND do a good job of getting my replacement up to speed AND turn all the things over to him AND box up all my stuff AND get the last of the equipment at home back to work AND...

There are a slew of cards on my desk at work. I'm getting through them, but sometimes it feels like the pile grows far faster than I can get through them. Argh... AND the on-site massage lady has a sick kid, so no massage today... grumph.