January 28th, 2007


Nobody's Sock

I finished the pair while trying to get my needles free for the cuffs of Jet's felted mittens. And a lady at church, whom I've always admired, has, in the past on seeing me knitting between Church School and the service, asked me when her pair will be done. :-)

So, today, I gave her the pair. They fit her just fine, so I'm happy with that. She really, really likes them, and gave me a hug for them, for which I am grateful.

It's a good thing.

We had snow yesterday, but it was exactly a typical Colorado snow, which is dark and gray and lots of fat, fluffy flakes during the morning hours, and at about 2 or 3 p.m. the sun breaks out and everything starts melting. Immediately melting. I went out to shovel a bit, and all the dark lines where the car had driven and the pavement had the least chance of peeking out were all melting and slushing away. Whereas in the shade, where it was thick, the snow flew like dust when I disturbed it, still bone dry and cold.

The weight of the class is gradually leaving me. It was two months' worth of work, really, and I'm finally free of it, and it's taking its slow weight off my stomach, off my head, and off my heart. Nothing really to be afraid of, so far as "getting fired' kind of fears, it's not like that would have mattered anyway. It's more just the primal fear of looking a fool among ones tribe, I guess. Of course everyone told me good things about it, and I, of course, had a hard time believing them, but since all the feedback I got was good, I have to believe that it went well.

I'm getting all the equipment from work that's at home and gathering it all up to take back to work. I am getting my cards together of all the things I need to do in the next week and it's mostly just clean up. Wednesday will be the celebration of the last release, and I'll go bowling with everyone and enjoy myself and a last big social gathering, and that should be It. Thursday I'll pack up and probably auction off some of my old C++ books as even if I do come back I doubt it'll be as a programmer. Too marked by management and the feeling of what it's like to get dozens of minds involved in making a project REALLY good...

I should remember to leave a message on my work extension that says what's up.

I'm realizing that the two boxes of business cards may well work as task cards in the old sense, so I'll just go through them instead of whole 3x5's for single task items. That'll be good.