January 29th, 2007



One of the more direct ladies at work invited me, last week, to lunch today, and she said other people could have their lunch. The one other lady in the meeting said, "Oh, I'm busy then... so you go ahead..." I thought it a little odd, but I'd be okay with having lunch with someone willing to just say goodbye that way.

So I met up with the lady, and since I had errands, we decided to drive separately. She met me right at my van when I pulled in, and then walked with me in. The hostess asked if we were part of the big Xilinx party and I said, "Uhm... I don't think so...." and the lady said, "Yeah. That's us all right..."

And there were nearly four table's worth of people. Three of them all lined up together, the fourth on its own... but... wow.

I was... flabbergasted. Sure... the prospect of a free lunch is rarely turned down, but... on the most part people were really glad to see me and talk with me and to say goodbye. I was amazed.

It was good.

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