February 12th, 2007


The Seattle Waterfront

Grandpa was making net and spider web pancakes in the morning when I finally got up and showered. And as soon as breakfast was done, Jet ran off to get dressed as we were taking the busses into town to go walking along the waterfront.

The ride was quick. And I was on a couple of missions out there. The first was quickly satisfied, which was to find dried sour cherries. I loved the coffee cake the other day and the recipe for it is in their cookbook and online, but the only rare item was the dried sour cherries. There's a dried fruit stand right opposite the Flying Fish fish market, and, sure enough, they had the sour dried cherries for sale. I bought a few packets of them, and added one packet of four dried figs. I like figs a few at a time, so it was a good find for me.

Everyone else needed to use the restroom, so Jet and I wandered down the Market, and he reminded me that we'd said he could have a hot chocolate somewhere. He and I stopped at Lowell's and he got a hot chocolate with whipped cream. On the walk to the bus stop, Jet had stated, "I don't have enough whip in me, so I have to get whipped cream on hot chocolate." *grin* So we did and fulfilled Jet's daily requirement. He happily sat on a stool and ate the cream with a spoon and then took his drink back into the Market when everyone else came back by.

From there we headed down to the World Spice Market, which is a bit off of the main Market, but has excellent prices on spices. I've always admired their method of doing Internet business, as they don't take credit cards. They'll take an order over the Internet, send you the goods and send with it an invoice that they expect you to pay by mailing them a check. I admire the trust involved in that. And I always pay them with a Colorado check and they never hesitate to take it. I had a whole list of things I wanted, and they had it all and measured it out carefully. The combination of broken, dried ginger and green cardamon made me nearly sneeze, but it was well worth it. I love making my own chai spice mix, and I have so much cinnamon/cassia at home that I needed the other things to balance it out. I don't much like pepper in my chai, but do like more cardamom than is economically feasible for a commercially available chai. I really hate cloves in my chai, too. So it's interesting to narrow it down the way that I do to just ginger, cardemom and cinnamon or it's equivalent. I also got basil and thyme as my fresh supplies have now gone to nothing.

Then we headed down to Ivar's and had a splendid fried seafood lunch with plenty of fries and beady-eyed seagull attention. Jet cheerfully ate part of a hot dog and then threw the rest of it for the gulls along with the second half of my fries. He broke the fries up, very carefully into little pieces, and tossed them one at a time. He also, quite conscienciously, chased away every pigeon that ventured near. *grin* The sign had said it was fine to feed the gulls but that one should NOT feed the pigeons. A bit like "Do NOT Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus". He now has that book and loves it, so it's easy for him to say, "NO!" to a pigeon.

We wandered down the waterfront for a bit, and then climbed up the Hillclimb. Jet asked to ride my shoulders, so I took him up as far as the Gelato place, where Isabel, Jet, and I all had a single scoop of gelato as a refresher. No summer melon, but there was a very nice orange chocolate, which I enjoyed greatly. With the refreshment, Jet was happy to climb up the hillclimb and the steps beyond, where we came up by the glitterly stuffed animal shop. Jet recalled he had an allowance owed him and he bought himself a gold snake, which he dubbed "Goldie."

From there we happened upon the Beecher handmade cheese shop, where they were cutting curds and mixing them before packing them into molds. Jet was utterly fascinated, and we could probably have stayed there for hours. I bought a single chunk of their mainstay cheddar to take home and, probably, make mac and cheese from. They had trays of the Best Mac and Cheese Ever, but I figured the cheese chunk would be easier to take home.

The walk to 2nd was quick and we were right on the right block to catch the 550 again. When the driver dropped us off at the Bellevue Way station, he told everyone that they didn't have pay! Holy moly! It was so cool, and everyone walked away grinning. It was so funny to have that happen, but this time by the choice of the driver, and he was grinning as he pulled away and I said, "Thank you!"

He made quite a few days that day, and everyone was speculating wildly as to why... *grin* I like a good mystery.

We got home quite easily, and Jet happily chugged up the hill on his own power. I'm well over 10,000 steps every day we're here, these folks are so active. Jet was even more so as he played even more jump rope with Grandpa whirling the rope.

John and I took a trip to the Trader Joe's in the Bell-Red area, and stocked up. We also called Dean to see what he wanted, and he put in an order for "As much as you can carry of..." so we got a lot. I'll be very, very impressed when John fits everything into our bags.

Then John and I followed an old tradition of ours and ate at the I Heart Sushi in Bellevue and had our comfort food of soft shell crabs as well as the other excellent selections there. It was delicious and fresh and wonderful.

It was much, much harder to find a decent dessert around Bellevue, though. We wandered about until nearly our time limit as Isabel had a meeting we had to get home to so she could have a car to get to it. *grin* But we got home in plenty of time, and found Jet playing with a 140-year-old wooden building set. That was a bit fraught for me, but they were quite solid and he was quite gentle with them. But that was cool.

I enjoyed putting him to bed with a grandparent doing the reading duties, while I got the sleeves and buttons on the sweater. No time to actually block it, as I didn't think it would dry by morning, but it looks pretty good. I also managed to get two washcloths knitted, one for us, one for Kathryn's baby as well, as we have a whole drawerfull of cloths that we still use for wiping and cleanup. Jet asks for a wet cloth when he wants to clean himself up. So it was cool to be able to do that, too.
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