February 15th, 2007


The Very, Very Interesting Airplane Trip

To make up for the smooth boredom of the trip yesterday from Seattle to home, today's been far more interesting, in a Chinese curse kind of way.

The good thing was that my flight wasn't supposed to leave until 11:20 this morning, so I didn't have to get up at 5:30 am to get to the airport in time through the icy streets. So John and I figured that it would be safe enough to get me to the airport on time if I took the 8 am bus that was supposed to get to the airport at 9 am, which was 2 and a half hours of slack.

Of course it was 5° out.

And the bus was likely to be late with the way the streets and traffic were at rush hour in the snow.


It turned out that we had to wait nearly 40 minutes past the time the bus was supposed to get to the stop. What was far worse was watching a family headed to San Diego with kids that were 6, 8, and 10 that were only dressed for San Diego have to stand there that long as, obviously, the parents hadn't planned on a worse case than "drop them off and the bus will be there."

The bus was 40 minutes late, and the Russian accented driver apologized to everyone about the luggage doors being frozen and that everyone would have to bring their luggage onto the bus. The good thing was that once the bus was filled up, he started telling potential passengers that they were full up and that there was supposed to be another AB along shortly. At the scheduled time. The bus barn really figured out the problem and was sending buses out even when the other one hadn't quite made it back in.

The usual route takes a full hour to ninety minutes to get to the airport. Our driver got us there in forty minutes. Wow. There was actual applause in the bus when we pulled through the security gate for the commercial vehicles. It was well deserved, too.

I checked my bag, though I was already checked in. Then I got through security, no problem, though the lady in front of me had a terrible time with a belt and wrist brace.

Then I got out to the B Concourse and found out that my flight was delayed by 40 minutes. Whew. So I got myself a twenty minute massage, which was quite nice, and then got some mac and cheese at the Wolfgang Puck's Express. Yummy and fast, and I had a pop with it, but should probably have had juice. Anyway, I got to the gate and got started on my Construction Zone socks, and got off to a good start before they started boarding.

The flight was pretty bumpy, but we made up a lot of the time that was lost at the beginning. But then when we touched down, the pilots were told that there was a security problem at the airport, and that the planes weren't being allowed to go to the gates. I called John and he called Dean, and Dean said that it didn't affect the whole airport, because otherwise they would have closed it and the air traffic controllers would have had to divert all the flights. Turns out, though, that this whole terminal and the one next to it have all been shut down because of a stupid guy that ran through security. Oops. He's hidden somewhere, and they're doing a gate by gate search until they get him. But until they search our gate, we're stuck.

And it looks like we've been stuck for nearly an hour. Grumpy me. Carl's waiting at the to call lot and I'm stuck with a bunch of people that are speculating wildly. *grin*