February 23rd, 2007


Why Is There Money?

Jet and I were sitting in the van while John made copies of tax papers that were being sent in. Jet started by asking what 'filing taxes' meant and then it spread to what taxes are for and then paying for the things that we need and then to 'why isn't food free for everyone?' to 'why is there money?' and...


Uhm. I didn't answer them to his satisfaction, but then maybe I was the one unsatisfied? I'm not sure.

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That Time

The sunlight has changed... and I've definitely got spring fever and a reason to indulge it, with the OUR Center garden really needing a hand.

I have four kinds of tomatoes and a simple kind of sweet bell pepper to start SOON. The spinach has suddenly come up, so I'm planting more along with spring onions/scallions, so by May they'll be ready to harvest, for sure. The peas Jet planted in a pot have not just come up but are a good couple of feet in height.

So we bought more seeds today and John saw a cute little "green house" with a plastic cover for just $40! So we bought it and I'll likely keep it inside until the average night temps get well over freezing, it should make it easy to survive a surprise frost, outside, where the sunshine is in plentitude already out here.

Snow tomorrow, though. *grin* I'll likely just do some rosemary starts just to get something started that needs even more time than the tomatoes and peppers.