March 10th, 2007


Going Dental

Life right now is an interesting mix of "Hey, I could do that later!" and "Hey! I could do that Right Now if I wanted."

Yesterday was kind of a "Right Now" instant, as on Thursday afternoon I realized that I'd canceled a dental appointment while I was in Oakland, and I might as well do that Right Now, as my work's dental insurance is going to just last me until the end of April. So I called and asked if I could schedule something and they said, "How about 8am tomorrow?" I said, "Sure." Then I remembered that Jet might need a checkup, too, so I asked, "When did Jet last have his teeth checked?" "August, so he's due." "Do you have another slot?" "Uhm... it might not be so good for him, as it's at noon..." "Sure. We'll take that one, too." The great good thing about part-time kindergarten is being able to still schedule appointments for him whenever we choose.

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