March 19th, 2007


Power Tools

I spent nearly all of today with a drill in my hand, when I wasn't feeding Jet, playing with Jet, watching a movie with Jet, or playing video games for Jet. Whenever I had the drill in my hand, Jet was playing outside, either on his playset or with all the neighborhood kids, so it wasn't all watching things. But it was fun to see The Incredibles again.

Mostly I worked on screwing down the boards for the new deck John is making. He's doing all the base work, setting the boards onto the base, and then letting me fill in all the gaps. Repeative, mindless, fun work for me. Just getting into the rhythm of getting the things in, one by one by one. A bit like knitting, really, and I can see my progress, row by row.

I did take some time to go to the OUR Center to water the plots I'd seeded. I also fed the plants that were growing so well in the warm spring sun. There will be snow sometime again in the the next few weeks, or else Colorado just isn't what it should be. March and April are the snowiest months for the region. Given the tremendous amount of snow we had in January and February, everyone was expecting us to get buried, but no such luck, yet.

Still, the peas are out and some of the oniony things and spinach, all of which don't mind the cold. The beets, carrots, and the like should go out soon, too.

I also took the time to get Jet some lunch and then we rode the three-wheeler to school. We met up with a bunch of the parents and other kids in Jet's class, and they admired his wheels. Hee. We rode up to the door, and I stayed while Jet played a bit, and then he charged in when the other kids were mostly in already.

I get to volunteer tomorrow! Yay!

John and I did stop off to get a new guiding sleeve for the long decking screws, and I got more lure for the wasp trap. I also managed to cook a nice tomato sauce from the oven roasted tomatoes from last fall, which I could finally face, and some canned tomatoes, onion, garlic, and a ton of basil. It was great with the cheese ravioli from Costco. Quick, simple meal, with Rhodes yeasty rolls that were hot and soft from the oven. The frozen rolls seem to have no trans fats or preservatives, as the freezing does well enough. I'm glad of that.

The kids swarmed the backyards this afternoon, after the kids came home from school. They were just everywhere, having a great time outside, and enjoying the 75 degree weather. Feels like *summer* not still, officially, winter. :-)

The Epitome of Sharing

While I was playing Crash 2 so that Jet could watch, he ate his dinner and his fruit. Then, I asked him to go upstairs to get some Oreos.

Jet then asked me how many to get for me, and I answered, "How about two?"

"Okay. I want two, too, then."


So he went upstairs and we yelled back and forth a bit about where the cookies were, and then I heard his sturdy footsteps coming back down.

"Well, Mom, it's not so good. There aren't enough Oreos for us to each have two. There's only two left." Jet held out the last two chocolate rounds. "I guess that means one for you and one for me." And he handed me one of the two cookies.

"Thank you, Jet. That's very cool to share exactly like that."

"Yeah! It is cool that we both get one."

I munched mine as I played. Jet carefully pulled his apart, licked up all the icing and then ate the first cookie. He grinned, "Look! I have a brand new cookie!" as he brandished the second one and then cheerfully crunched it all up. "Yum."
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