April 9th, 2007


Home Again Jiga de Jig

On the way across I-70, the snow hounded us as we went. The snow coming down the pass from the Eisenhower Tunnel was so bad with the addition of fog that everyone was taking it easy and going slowly enough.

We got home to 24 degrees and snow gently falling. My pot of onion starts was frozen through, but the plants were fine. Thawed them out in the house and they were just as happy as ever. Silly things. I didn't investigate the rest of the garden, yet, but could see the garlic chives and the spinach and the sugar snap peas as green as anything out in the garden.

We rested and Jet played. Then we all went to the grocery store and stocked up. Then we had a simple dinner of spaghetti and meatballs at home, and Jet ate a huge plate of spaghetti, nearly more than I ate and a huge hunk of bread as well. We slept.

I slept badly. I never do that well coming back to altitude, and the cold didn't help. But the rice warmers did.

Easter Sunday the snow fell steadily all day, which was odd for Easter, even here. But the kids did their egg hunt indoors, and I did much more coffee than I've ever done before. The lady that traded with me found me and said, "I think I got the better end of the deal." Hee.

We spent the afternoon and evening at a church family friends' house with a few other families and plenty of ham, bread, side dishes, and then tons of eggs filled with chocolate. Wow, there was a ton of food, enough for dinner too, and the kids were all very happy to see each other and play as well. Tanner and Macy made it later in the day and they were happily tackled and tackled back the other kids.

Today was all sun in contrast. We went from 24 and snowing for two days to 68 and HOT today. It was a pretty busy day, all in all, as Jet had a ton of homework that took him from nearly 7:30am to 11am this morning between breakfast and lunch. John and I dropped him off at school and then went south to finally pick up the Passat. Yay! She purrs, even. And I did half a dozen errands all on my OWN! Woohooo!!! Alone time after 10 days of always being with my family was a good thing. I need the balance. I got home just in time to run to the bus stop and then sit on a bench for five minutes just enjoying the sunshine, clouds, budding trees, the wild plum blossoms, and a short talk with Alma, another mom, before the bus roared in with Jet.

We've had a quiet evening. We almost got the lawn chairs out on the driveway while the kids played in the cul de sac, but there wasn't quite enough time. I made Yakisoba for John and I, and Jet had the short grain rice with the germ still in it. He ate a whole bowl of it with lots of Hairy sprinkles (pork soong) and soy and stuff. Now he's in his pre-bed bath. I should wash him before he falls asleep. *grin*

It's good to be back home.