May 5th, 2007



I have ended up with... uhm... 60 tomato plants.

Hm. Let's see. 12 for me. 12?!?! Uhm... six cherry tomatoes for three Topsy Turvy planters, three bush for that beefsteak tomato eating experience, and three first ladies so I can actually get some tomatoes earlier in the season... that makes... hm... twelve, enough to feed a family of four three times over. Or is that a family of three four times over? *sigh*

Anyway... the other... uhm... four dozen, minus a few for friends that want to do tomatoes this year at a buck a pop for a gallon sized tomato plant, go to the OUR center garden, which has room for... uhm... 20 plants? I guess I better get busy finding homes.

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