May 7th, 2007


The Tomato Tribe

The Tomato Tribe
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Here's all the plants at once, basking in what little sun there is as the thunderheads build in the not too distance. *grin* I'll probably have to move them all back in in a little bit, but thanks to dunfalach I may be able to use Jet's abandoned wagon to do at least part of the shuttling. Whew.

Each of the gallon pots is about ten pounds, so getting them in and out all by myself is a bit of a workout. John's good about helping when he's around, but he isn't always around.

They are definitely doing better with a bit of time and more room to grow their roots. Also, two of the cherry plants have already gone on to another home, and about nine others are spoken for from folks that want to put them into their garden and take the surplus. Two other ladies have asked for plants, so I'm likely to be able to give them all homes. Whew.