May 22nd, 2007


Standing in the Hail

This morning, I drove over half the baby tomato plants, which are all a good foot tall, now. The big ones are now a good two or three feet high and already bearing flowers and fruit. It's going to be an interesting summer, with 40+ going out to the OUR center garden, and the twelve at home. Yeesh.

When I got there, I also had dug up a rosemary plant from my herb box, as the ones at the OUR center were pretty pathetic. I also was on a mission to thin the raspberries there to give them more room to grow and plant the *one* green pepper plant that had popped up in the seed growing system.

I got to, at least, unload the van in the dry. From then on it POURED, and not only poured it started to hail. Small hail, but still hail, and I was in nothing more than a white t-shirt and some shorts as it had been sunny this morning. So I just got soaked, frozen, and halfway grim about being, perhaps, embarrassed that I was in a soaking wet t-shirt. Bah. But no one else was out there. I was happy with that, and I got everything done that I wanted done. I was happy with that, too.

So I spread the tarp in the van on my seat and drove home and dripped the whole way. Once home, I got a hot shower, ordered and got some wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, and read the fourth book in the Dresden series, Summer Knight, and was deeply impressed with how the sidhe are presented. My oh my. It always bemuses me when so *many* different ways to use magic all are in the same world and how they all interact and push on each other. It's one of the reasons I've always loved the Prachett novels, is how he handles that kind of push and pull and how balances go. This is a whole different approach and it works, too, and I'm really exhausted, sometimes, but the sheer height of the swings in the imbalances in the Dresden series (like a rollercoaster!); but wow...

I think Sunshine stirs the surface of that, but I wish I could see more of it from McKinley, too.

Then, of course, I picked up Jet while John rescued a neighbor's wife who had a dead battery. Then he and I juggled Jet care while cooking for a party of eight tonight, of folks from John's Biloxi trip who were trying to put together a whole service based on what they'd done. I played with an eighteen-month-old and am, as ever, absolutely astonished by how tiny she was and how much she understood of what I said. She also thumbed and drooled over most of Jet's board books, and then Jet had to have me read a number of them to him for going to bed. Jet played with a three-year-old and did his level best to entertain his guest. They had a great time, and the three-year-old was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about trying to keep up with a Big Boy. Jet was really great with both of them.

Sunday morning was the good-bye service to our church's pastor for the last seven and a half years. It was tear and smile filled, lots of astonishing memories and lots and lots of people crying all over the place. The interrum minister starts this coming week, and the search committee is going to start looking at the congregation and getting a better feel for where we now are at, what we want to do, and what our vision is if where we want to go before even looking at ministerial candidates. I like this way of doing it.

But I am getting thoroughly exhausted with all this social interaction.

At least on Sunday evening, all Jet and I did was fold paper airplanes and Jet and John flew them outside under a gold, blood red, and purple sunset.

Tomorrow is going to be planting all the tomato plants we can fit into the boxes at the OUR center. And then I'll try and find homes for the four Charlie Brown plants. *giggles* One plant's top broke right off during one of the transplants. It's growing like a weed, but it's... well... a Charlie Brown tomato plant, really like his Christmas Trees. Ugly as anything, but it may well do the job. But... more people, and with all the graduations that are going on, there's no volunteers in the kitchen for Friday, so John asked if I could help and, of course, I said sure... *sigh*. I'm going to have to find a monastary or something this summer and just sit in the silence for a week.
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Picking Kids for the Zoo

"Yeah, I wonder how Mrs. Bauer is going to choose which kids go with which parents? I don't even know if kids will go with their own parents or not, it might be better if they mixed things up." said John.

"Yeah! I wonder how they'll pick?" Pondered Jet. Then he smiled, "Maybe they'll just throw the kids into the air! And who catches 'em gets to take 'em to the zoo!"

"Well, I'd catch you, then." I said.

Jet laughed, "And I'd go wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"