June 7th, 2007

flying snow

Eye Opening

It bemuses me to realize that there is an *entire* school at the University of Washington whose whole communicated reason for existance is "Social Justice" and changing the world for the better of all people.

We went to see a friend's daughter graduate from the School of Social Workers in the UW. It was very, very different from all the very methodial and organized graduations I'd seen of all the engineering folks. This one was emotional, had a keynote speaker who was outraged at the arresting of a very legal US citizen in the body of a seven-year-old boy along with his illegal alien of a father, and a class speaker who had been a gang member at 11, a gang leader at 17, and had ended up "by the will of God" in his words here instead. Alive and educated and graduating.

It was... eye opening.

The story of the friend, the daughter, and their family is only theirs to tell. Suffice it to say it was an honor for us to be allowed to be at her graduation and party afterwards with some of her closest friends.

And Jet behaved quite well, did a massive amount of paper airplanes during the two and a half hours of speeches and cerficate handing-out, and kept up during the two one-mile walks to and from the ceremony. The second walk was through the rain, too.

I am so homesick. *laughter*

The last several days have been pretty busy, with lots of trips to teriyaki places (to get two jugs of sauce from our favorite Toshi's), Trader Joe's, PCC, Costco (and their incredible gas prices), and stocking up to bring things home tomorrow. I visited the Weaving Works and shocked myself by getting out of there without buying anything. Jet, on the other hand, had to buy himself an eyeball button. He had the money. He used it.

Today I visited Dr. Snyder and he was quite happy with the work the other dentist had done on the bridge, so I'm finally content that it's done. We're going to get a new night guard made this evening for me, and I'll pick it up when we're back.

Jet will get to play with N tonight and that is very good, every good as he's been putting up with so many adults this week so calmly and happily that it's amazing to me. He and George are having a great time together, though, so that's worked quite well. :-) The two have been doing a quantity of biking together. Yay!