June 9th, 2007


Getting Home

The latter part was a bit more grueling than I had quite anticipated, but we're now home.

The boys had a great time playing in the morning with Grampa George, and Jet really knew it was the last morning for a while, so he had a blast and really tried hard to enjoy his time with George. That was very cool. John and I were then able to pack quite thoroughly. It was very odd to leave an immense amount of Stuff with the Eurovan and in our room at their house, but we managed to fill just one roll away bag that we'd bring back with the stuff we had to bring back.

A bit before noon, we went to the local Pho place for noodles and soup. I also had a Vietnamese iced coffee with plenty of sweetened, condensed milk. I need to do that at home, too, as I have a little Italian pressure pot that would be *great* over ice with plenty of the creamy canned stuff.

George was then quite nice and took us to the SeaTac airport in plenty of time. I was able to raid the Dilettante's stand and get some of their dark chocolate sauce for my mochas and ice cream. *happy sigh* I love things that are that *Seattle* to me, as the Dilettante which is an absolutely fabulous source for chocolates and desserts to die for.

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