June 15th, 2007



Kitsunenoyomeiri is too long for a livejournal name. It has to be less than fifteen characters.

I need to write more.

Today someone sent me an email from 1992, where they'd thanked me for writing the Angelic Neon Blues and I'd thanked them for writing some software that had made my engineering job faster so that I could write.


So I need to write fiction. It's one of the reasons I stopped working... though I'll admit that my verbal brain still isn't online, not really. I'm pretty happy trying to get my phoenix sweater done in time to see Order of the Phoenix in it. *laughter* I may be a bit TOO ambitious, we'll see.

Jet's proven to be mildly happy and sometimes unhappy at having to fend for entertainment himself, but then he had a full day of it yesterday, with two other kids over as there was a failure of childcare. So I had the unexpected pleasure of being able to just knit while the three of them did a great job of playing together inside, outside, and all over. They even all picked up after themselves! My goodness.

So it's been a bit of a let down for Jet to be by himself again. We did do Noodles and Co. for dinner and had a special ice cream trip while we found the owner of a long-lost celphone that someone at the OUR Center had found in the clothing donations area. They'd gone through it and saw that the phone had pictures of John, Jet and I in it! So they handed it over to John and we figured out that it belonged to someone from work, who, it happens, works for the guy that wrote me about the story so long ago.

Circles within circles...

Sometimes I think it can't be coincidence. This would be impossible in a story. *laughter*
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