June 18th, 2007



I know... a bit early according to the calander, yet, but damn, it was 100° F yesterday, I think that counts as summer already.

I spent yesterday just roasting.

Church was cool enough with the new air conditioning, though we're contemplating getting some solar panels to offset the energy cost of them, it hasn't happened, yet, but it's a lot nicer in the building.

I did coffee and a surprising amount of it and the iced tea was drunk.

The boys went to the pool in the afternoon. I just knitted. Then we all went out to Father's Day dinner at the Pumphouse and Jet got his root beer float and John got his credit for a beer another day. So it was pretty good, all in all.

Today I went out to the OUR Center garden to root out all the weeds around the raspberries, give them the green pepper plants, and get the mint out from around the rosemary. The mint is taking over the whole herb box and it's the only thing that the main guy recognizes, so it's overrunning EVERYTHING. So I decided I cared enough about the rosemary to do something about it, and cleared out enough for tea and for a few plants for home, and to give the little rosemary a lot of sunlight and a good deal more water.

It was good, too, as no one else showed up until nearly 11. So I didn't have to talk to anyone. I picked strawberries, snow peas, sugar snap peas, and then went in, cleaned them, and pulled the strings before cutting them for the salad. They were *sweet*, too, so I hadn't taken too long to get them in. I was happy with that.

I feel better for having gone in and really done that. Three buckets' worth of weeds. Then I was energized enough to come home and finish off the last details in the garden so that it would be ready for when we go off again. Even in the midst of the blazing sun. The high for today is supposed to "only" be 80, which will be a relief from yesterday, but it's still hot in the sun. Even in the heat the garden seems to be pretty happy. Yay! So the automatic watering system is doing just fine. I'm happy with that.

Lots of stuff done and it's only halfway through the afternoon. I want to get the Krups ice cream maker Alton Brown recommended, so we can finish off the last of the vanilla custard from Friday as ice cream for *us*. *grin* That will make my day.