June 19th, 2007


Stupid Teeth


It turns out that the reason nuts were able to get between my tooth and the back gum wasn't because there was a cavity back there.

Better yet, the whole *tooth* was cracked. Sigh.

Most of the tooth was one big filling, so it's not too surprising, but it's still not happy-making. It helps that I'm on COBRA from work's health insurance. John couldn't find dental insurance at all, and while I trust his decisions with the medical insurance, we both decided that for me it would be best to extend the dental coverage as I have so many problems with my teeth. Good thing, too.

I hate crowns, but it's mildly better than a root canal and pulling the poor thing. It was *working*.

So I spent the morning in the dentist chair very glad that I could feel absolutely nothing on the left side of my face, mostly. Whenever they asked me to close my teeth, the first couple of times something was in the way, darn it. And it turned out to be my tongue of all things. Sigh. So I had to move my completely numb tongue out of the way.

They were able to put a temporary crown on, which is good, but that's all I'm going to have for the vacation. So it is. The good thing is that he said I should just find some denture glue and that should take care of whenever it might accidentally come out. I appreciated the fact that he was anticipating my anxiety.

It did NOT help to remember that a co-worker was having problems with one of his crowns weeks after having one put in by this same dentist and another guy coming in right when I was getting the novacaine saying that his crown was coming loose and what could the dentist do about it?!? Not good for my trust issues. But I am remembering the fact that Dr. Snyder said that he'd done a great job on putting my bridge back in. So I have to start somewhere.

So it is. It helped that the doctor also wanted to work with us on how to get the cost of the crown down if we weren't covered by insurance, so it helped my perception of him, as he really wants to HELP, not just do the dental stuff and collect huge fees.

I'm just glad that I got sunburnt yesterday and I got the wrong knitting needle at Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins the other day (I had to pick up a bit more yarn for my Phoenix sweater and wanted a long circular to do Magic Loop for the sleeves) that involves going the whole way back there to exchange it for the right thing. Otherwise I'd be far more worried about what other two things were going to happen to me before we left for Seattle again. Better now than while traveling, I guess.
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