July 20th, 2007



Pain is a weird thing. Especially pain that I feel helpless to avoid or fix. It's definitely making me feel more depressed and unhappy with everything.

I had a great day for most of yesterday. Nothing hurt when I got up. I had a really fun morning with Jet.

Jet started by wanting an Ant Farm. He'd seen a friend with an ant farm from the Discovery Channel Stores, and really wanted one for himself. So we went to the local toy store and peered around at all their bug paraphenelia, but there was nothing cheap enough that he really wanted. He had $20 he'd saved from saving all his allowances for the last month and from picking raspberries for Granny, but that wasn't quite enough for the really good ant farm he saw. Plus that farm didn't have the transparent ant ladders on the sides, so he wasn't sure he wanted that, either.

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Comedy of E-rrors

Damn. When the doctor looked at me and said, "Which pharmacy do you use?"

I said, "Uhm... we use King Soopers, Walgreens, and sometimes just the one right here..."

"The Good Day Pharmacy?"

"Uhmm... yeah, I think so."

"Okay." He touched a button, "I've faxed it there, you should check that it's there and pick it up. We'll have you back in your contacts in no time."

"Well... thanks." I said, and he showed me out.

I'd kind of expected a paper prescription, honestly. Old fashioned of me, I guess. When I called John to tell him to pick me up but that I had a prescription to get, he told me to check the price on it and then we might take it somewhere else and I interrupted to say, "But he FAXed it to the pharmacy."
"Oh." He said, and I was mildly satisfied that it wasn't just me...

The odd thing was that the pharmacy there didn't HAVE what I'd been prescribed. It would take until Monday for the special order to come in and they expected that I'd want it sooner than that. The doc had said that I should put the drops in immediately and then every three hours after that. Oops so no Monday delivery. So they said, "Just have them call us and we can transfer the prescription."

Oh. Okay... what a wonderful modern world we live in, no?

We went to Target pretty much as soon as John arrived, and went to their pharmacy to drop off the phone number. We wandered around the produce section and was quite cool for a bit, and when went back to see if they had what it was I needed. But the problem was that they hadn't been able to reach the Good Day pharmacy, because they'd CLOSED at 5:30, nearly as soon as we'd walked into Target. Gah. So no meds for me until tomorrow morning.

But, wow, what a string of errors, no? They said they'd call first thing in the morning and then call us to tell us if they had it. All more easily circumvented if I'd only gotten that stupid piece of paper, instead.

Sometimes I hate progress...
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The Light Side...

... is that my teeth feel okay. I had one of the pot roast burgers at Red Robin tonight, as the son of some friends of ours is waiting tables there. He's a great guy, and he's a good waiter, too, and it was fun to see him and watch him wait on Jet, who was quite happy to see him.

The boys are playing Legos. I do what I can do, and let the rest be.

Got an interesting quote from Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle, "The opposite of sin is faith, not virtue." That virtue is a false door, basically, because being virtuous is about self-control and controlling the self that one knows. But that self isn't all there is to anyone. She was even bold enough to say that when one believes that all there is to oneself is what one knows, that that is the root of all sin. Wow.

It'll be interesting to step beyond that door.

I guess, in some ways I did it all the time, whenever I took on a job I didn't know I could do, tried something I'd never done before, failed a few times at things I wanted to learn... and whenever I sit down to write something I've never written before. *grin* Maybe there's more to it, too, but... hm... I want to strive to keep doing that. To be free of the limits of what I know I can't do. :-)

I think that when Paul, John and I turtled that sailboat in the midst of that deep, cold lake, I learned more in that moment about doing what I had never thought I could do and being so far beyond what I'd feared, that... it was astonishing. It was easy to swim out there in my life jacket, even when I had to tighten it up. It was far easier than I had thought I'd known to stay out of the way, and know that I wasn't in any real danger. And, by extension, to let go of a big knot of fears I'd held for most of my life about live water...

So it is...