July 21st, 2007



Got the drops this morning.  Yay!!

The lady at the pharmacy in Target found that the Good Days pharmacy was closed for the weekend.  So she called Pfeiffer's office and he wasn't there, but another doctor was, so they changed the prescription... *laughter*  So it's back to the old pink eye antibiotic drops from B&L.  $4 a bottle. Thank God, as the stuff that Pfeiffer had originally prescribed they didn't stock, either and it's a big pharmacy, and I was mildly worried that it'd be hundreds of dollars as it was so darn rare.  The lady at the super Target pharmacy worked really hard to get it right for me, so I'll likely use them in all future things.  Their hours are much better than the Good Days pharmacy.

Anyway... we went out to IHOP to use Jet's free meal he'd earned from the library and while my teeth started to hurt again, a single ibuprofen took care of it pretty quickly and it's definitely teeth in front of the crown, not the crown itself anymore.  My bite is shifting, so it'll take it a little while to figure it all out.

The drops have dropped the level of aching in my left eye, just with one use.  So that's to the good.  The post-nasal drip from the eyes made me think I had a cold last night, but when I sit up it nearly all goes away.  John was up at 4am this morning, just awake.  So he's now sacked out on the kitchen floor, where he'd lain down after fixing one of Jet's Lego efforts.  He looks very comfortable and is snoring away happily.  So a bit of peace for the moment. 

Another good thing is that Paul found Jet's stuffy at the cabin.  The other family had found him under the bed in the loft, so he was sitting on the couch waiting for them when they got there this weekend.  :-)  How cool.  Seltzer will soon be making his own little trip back to us.  Jet's happy to have him back, but he was sleeping okay without him up to now. 

It's also amusing me way too much that our local *grocery store* has the last Harry Potter book on sale for less than Target and most of the chain bookstores.  The power of Kroger, I guess.  I guess I'll have to get it and read it.  I haven't liked the last two, but the reviews have been good.  This may be the *only* United States edition of her books I get, unless anyone knows of any differences between the UK edition and the US edition.  The last several I've ordered from amazon.uk or gotten from friends in the UK or, in the case of the Philosopher's Stone, I went there and bought it there.
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