August 2nd, 2007


Productive Boy

Jet managed to not only knit a little disk of cord for himself, but he also built a cord knitter from a toilet paper core, plenty of tape, and eight finishing nails he begged off of John.  Happy boy.  The cord he's making from his homemade knitter is better than the cord he's making off the knitter he bought yesterday at the yarn store.  He's very happy about it, too.  :-)

I decided to make myself one, too.  *giggles*  It was quick and easy and I'll likely hand it off to Ivy if she wants it, but it was a bit of childhood again to just sit and knit around and around and around and...

One of the shop ladies at the store showed me a book of what to *do* with the cords once they're knit.  So that's cool.  There's an alligator in there with poseable limbs due to judicious use of pipe cleaners.  That could be pretty cool.  There's also a hair band in there that I could probably use, as I'm tired of paying for hair bands.  I'm likely to just knit one anyway from an iridescent peacock yarn I spun a while back as I don't know of many projects small enough for the amount of yarn I have

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