September 5th, 2007


Bad Teeth...

So after a few months of just living with a bite that doesn't quite meet, and realizing that I've actually lost enough weight that my pants fall off of me without a belt (it was kind of funny walking through King Soopers while holding some stuff I was buying and realizing suddenly that I would have to juggle things to keep my pants up), that I finally realized that things weren't okay with my teeth.

So I finally got an appointment with a dentist that a good friend (and one whom I think is very discerning about how "good" and "bad" health workers are) recommended. It's for tomorrow. Wish me luck. I'm hoping to get at least that *fixed* for good somehow. I'll just pray that it doesn't mean getting a whole new crown.

I canceled my appointment with the optometrist as it's pretty obvious that he wanted to sell me on Lasik and tell me it was a protein allergy when it's pretty obvious to me that it's my systemic allergies. My eyes are still irritated and still unhappy and still "cobblestoned" after a month without lenses. I don't need a doctor to tell me that and charge me another hundred dollars to do so.

The good thing is that in a few months when winter is good and hard I'll be able to get my allergy test done and hopefully start treatments so that my eyes, lungs, and sneezing abate. Heck, with the first good frost I should have some relief on all those symptoms anyway. So meds for only another month, I hope. A good thing is that I discovered that one of my very active neighbors has had asthma since he was 20, and he's been using Advair on a regular basis as well to keep his under control and that it's worked for him for five years. A few months on it, then, doesn't scare me as much.

It would be really great to feel healthy again...
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