September 14th, 2007


Busy-ness is in the Eye of the Beholder

Been busy for the last week. 

I had another dental appointment Wednesday morning with Dr. Ladd and it worked out as well as could be expected.  He worked on my night guard and got my jaw to feel better.  He also worked, just a tiny bit, on my bite, and it's better.  Still not perfect, but it's going to just take time and some wearing in to do that.  Still, I have some signs of actual improvement now, and a dentist I feel much more comfortable going to than before. All a gain.

I started my Disciple Bible Study class on Monday, which was a very scary thing for me.  More than half the class is from the choir, several are lifetime UCCers and a few are like me, escapees from other denominations, and a few were just transfers from denominations that were fairly close to ours.

John had a quote he liked that characterized the class "I'd rather be with people searching for the Truth, than with those who know they've already found it."  That's the *only* reason I decided to go against everything I would normally do.   The ground rules for the class, however, support John's quote, and I'm grateful.  I made caramel brownies for the first meeting, I was so nervous, but they went over well, and I was contented by eating just a few of them.

I'm *still* terrified.  So it is.  The note taking I took for the first week's homework has made my arms buzz again at night.  I'm going to have to figure out another way or another position and place to do the writing in and/or another instrument for it.

I did bookplates for half a dozen comfirmands and a bunch of kids in Sunday School.  That was pretty fun, getting to roll out all the black lettering fonts I could find.  I liked that. 

I'm on the head of the Phoenix now.  My arms ache, though, so I'm having to slow down a bit, but I'm in the lemon yellow and starting on the sunlight color...  I had to reread Sunshine just because, laughter.  So I'm now on a McKinley kick along with the other.  Jet loves The Tale of Desperaux which is the tale of how a mouse rescues a princess, and we're reading it together and that's the coolest thing I've ever done. 

I'm going to go through with the follow-up on my eyes.  I need something other than glasses, as my glasses are now cutting into the tops and backs of my ears.  Sigh.  And my good far-prescription is too far for lots of near work, so I'm looking forward to getting some contacts for near-work as well as the usual far-work ones.

I was having problems with my glasses in the OUR Center garden.  I worked there twice this week, bringing in cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi, and more than five pounds of raspberries from the bramble.  I actually waded through the center of the bramble as there just wasn't any support for the things, but I knew that the roots weren't in the middle.  But I got a bucket of raspberries by going where no one had gone before.  *laughter*  I was so sore after that I actually used one of my Lush bath bombs and took a good, long, hot bath.  It's now cool enough to do things like that.

We did go swimming on Tuesday, it was in the 80's.  So it was hot enough outside, but the heater for the pool is broken.  So the water was *cold*.  Yelping when you jump in cold.  Aiee.  But Jet swam like a champ and John stroked along until he warmed up, and I finally jumped in, and after a brisk lap felt much better for it.  The sun was out enough for us to get up and out and sun ourselves afterward to warm up.    Yum.

This morning John and I went to the far South East side of Denver, and hit a little ramen shop down there.  It had char shui and seaweed in the soup as well as a soy-cooked egg, and it was pretty good.  The noodles were fresh and chewy and made that morning, the broth was rich and full of good stuff but just a bit too salty.  It was good and hot when it was served, and the gyoza came with what should have been a very crisp skirt from how it was cooked.  It was good, but not something we'd drive an hour to do again.  Next door, however was a "Fresh Seafood Company" restaurant, which looked familiar, somehow.  Anyway... and within a few miles of the place was the Super HMart, which is a huge Asian market that carries a lot of the stuff we really like.  John and I loaded up and I got loquats, chestnuts, and some cream roll which Jet is having for his after school snack right now.

It was a fun outing, but I got back in some to get over to Xilinx and turn in my badge, my data key, and do the checklist with HR over what I should turn in.  My boss was good enough to tell them that I'd be keeping my four-year-old laptop and workstation I had at home which is basically the docking station and a monitor, I'd already given back the keyboard and mouse that came with it as they weren't ergonomic enough for my problems.  The equipment is old enough that folks probably wouldn't use it at work anymore anyway, Pentium processor and XP... but my boss didn't have to give them to me, and I appreciate that he did.  I got to talk with my favorite HR lady for a while and say good-bye and good life.  I hope they do well.

Then I walked the mile home for the last time and then went and picked up Jet at the bus stop and was glad.  Thank you.  Jet is watching Postman Pat (a British claymation that's about postman, which Jet just loves and Kathy sent him a huge stack of the tapes) and I'm getting caught up after having to fix the book plates with the dates.  Then we're going to the Fun Festival at school, a fund-raiser by the PTA.  John went to help set up.

Jet is now tugging me to go to the Fair. *laughter*   See you!