September 28th, 2007


Hot Bath

There is no blessing quite like the blessing of a good, hot bath.

Our house has one of those smaller soaking tubs, where I have to fold up my legs and still be kind of propped up sitting to just fit. So it doesn't take that much water to fill the tub, but I still get the full on soaking experience. Someday, if we ever build our own home, I'd love to build into it a Japanese soaking bath, something more vertical where you sit up in a square bath and it takes a minimum of water, but you get complete immersion.

It only takes half a Lush bubble bar to fill the whole tub with bubbles, so I don't go through my Lush products quite as quickly as I'd like. I still have a Flying Saucers bar from way, way back, still wrapped in the butcher paper from the mail order site rather than the stuff I've been buying locally . But it crumbled beautifully and foamed up without too much perfume and I soaked. I even managed to wash my hair in the tub and it's been a long, long time since I've washed my hair in a bath. One gets used to showers when they're day in and day out but it seemed like a waste to not just use the water and get clean all over in it.

I was pretty sore, too, from the last couple of days.

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