October 3rd, 2007


A Happy Birthday

I had a very happy birthday.

Quiet for the whole morning, which was really good after the really busy weekend.

I woke up in time to help John get Jet to the bus stop. Jet happily insisted that I open all my packages and they were *all* books from Kathy, my sister. Woo. I have had three promises of things to come. And Jet made me a small book, too. He loved giving that to me. And we walked, hand in hand to the bus.

Then John went off to the OUR Center to do the day shelter work he does. So I got a very nice morning to myself. I started by making a one egg batch of incandescens's British pancakes, she'd pointed me at a recipe that I haul out when I want to treat myself. Better yet, I had a small tube of chestnut cream to put on them. Much happiness in that.

After I did the dishes, I went into the basement with the second DVD from the Fruits Basket collection that amberley had loaned me and I watched that while I rode the bike for a good forty minutes. After that I showered and devoured Rose Daughter, which Kathy had given me. It was a good read.

I made potstickers for myself for lunch, and then John came home and ate lunch as well. We had a very quiet afternoon, while I watched more anime and knitted. When Jet came home we did what we've been doing for the last few weeks and went down into the basement to play Okami. That was fun.

The boys asked me to pick dinner, and we went to the Outback near our house. I had a bad craving for lambchops and their blue cheese chopped salad. So we had those. We then zoomed back home, and I picked up my worship board meeting stuff and ran off to the meeting. There the chair of the board presented me with an apple-raspberry pie and a couple of candles about halfway into the meeting! Hee. She also had slices of cheddar to go with the pie and I happily partook. The meeting lasted until after 9... sigh, so it was kind of long, but it was good.

Then I went home and got to have a good phone call with my sister. John and I did a few things and then he presented me with a slice of my favorite zucchini chocolate cake with a candle stuck in it! Hee. Happy Birthday to me...

I ended up pretty tired, but quite happy. :-)