October 22nd, 2007



I took all my courage in my hands and got the neck steek and both armhole steeks crochet locked and then cut.  Aiee...

And then I put the shoulders together with an I-cord bind off and... gosh... it kind of looks like a sweater now!  My goodness.  I could even slip it on like an extra-long vest and it's really not too big for me at all!  I'm pretty amazed.  And the colors are really gorgeous.  I'm going to really have to work on the neckline, though, as it's not quite what I was thinking from what I saw in the book's pictures.  So I'm going to have to figure that out, still.  *sigh*

I have the sleeves yet to go, but now I know how wide to make them, and a deadline for the end of the month (which is much closer than I thought), as next month's art show at church is going to be various knitted items by the congregation.  It should be interesting to see if I get this in the show or if I just forget about it and finish John's kilt hose for the UNICEF potluck this coming Sunday.  Or I might do John's hose when I get too tired of the intricate cuffs... but once I get to the sleeves proper, there's no reason to not just motor on the straight stockenette sleeve.


I can't figure out what quote I wanted to use on the sleeve!  Meep.  I don't want to use the Bible quote Meg used on her sweater.  It's not the Apocalypse for me.  *laughter*  I was thinking of a Harry Potter quote while reading all the stuff about the Order of the Phoenix and beyond and it's very popular. But... I don't *like* Harry enough to have him on it.  I need something soon, though, and I'm not quite enough *there* to figure out what it is that I want.  I don't think a Balrog quote is appropriate.  I really want something Phoenix related.