October 29th, 2007



... an appropriate pumpkin for my icons.

Jet carved this one at the neighbor's house, where they threw a bit carving party.  Jet's been very busy with his grandparents about, and it's been very, very good for the productive side of him.  He's completely decorated the whole front yard with John and Isabel as willing helpers.  They've had a great time.

But, yeah, Jet did the tracing from a pattern he liked onto the pumpkin.  Isabel helped darken the lines, and then Jet took his kid knife (serrated but without a  real edge to it) and carved out this face.  I was very impressed.

UNICEF International Halloween

Our church asked everyone to dress up as some ethnicity on Sunday and we had a huge ethnic potluck and everyone brought stuff from all over, and it was fun.

I finished John's kilthose on Saturday with one last marathon knitting session. I only stopped for a cup of tea and some lunch and a little bit of Okami with Jet and then stopped to get him to bed. I pretty much knit the whole day, including in the morning while waiting for my food with Jet at the Three Dog Diner.

My hands are still mildly trashed, but better than I thought they could be.

The hose turned out really nicely. I'm very happy with them, and John loves 'em a lot. They definitely keep his legs warm, look pretty awesome with his kilt and are really soft because of the yarn I used. We're both pretty happy with them. And I got them done! Yay!!

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