October 31st, 2007

sheep egg

The School Halloween Parade

I hopped on my bike and rode to Jet's school this afternoon, right at 2, after swallowing a Clif Bar (dinner is going to be early tonight) and some water after riding the exercise bike in the basement, after playing Kingdom of Hearts II for quite a while as well. Shower in there so I didn't offend myself...

But then I showed up at school with a cat mom and a Princess Mom with her little princess in tow and a baby Princess in a stroller. Blink. My. I just had my Nekobus shirt on and my Cat in the Hat hat, which had people smiling at me. I would think, "Why are they smiling at me? I don't recognize them... should I be recognizing them?" and then realize that they recognized the *hat*.

Smart them.

The class was filled with Moms. Then the kids poured in one side and then out the other, and the whole school was lined up outside so that everyone could walk around the whole school and get seen by everyone else. Wow. I trotted around the outside of the whole thing, desperately attempting to get out in front to actually take pictures of people's faces instead of their backs. I was the designated "Picture Mom" and so I felt the responsibility keenly, eventhough there were three or four other moms all snapping, filming, and running alongside as well. Paparazzi, one noted, don't hold a candle to *us*.


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