November 9th, 2007


A Right Brain Experience

John was intrigued by a movie called The Darjeeling Limited, an art film, I think, about three brothers that take a train ride through India in search of their long-lost mother. When he'd read the description, I'd thought that he was taking about an Indian film that was translated into English or something.

But it's actually, I think, a US film that was made in India, and the main characters are played by Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, and one of the co-writers of the script who was, I think, in some reality TV series in India.

It was definitely a Right-Brained experience. It made some of my dreams seem a lot more lucid. And I'm still not exactly sure if I enjoyed it or didn't. I am sure, however, that it was an experience and one that appealed to my emotional side in ways that I haven't gone to movies, before, to touch. My logical side is like, "They're weird!! And not at all nice and... they *fight* like... well... brothers. And there aren't any *answers* just a lot of questions." And that part of me that hates unresolved things, has just thrown up its hands and walked away from it like from a motorcycle accident.

Anyway... if you're into art films and like to see some beautiful shots of India, go to this film.

Edited to correct a bit about the third actor. thanks carneggy!