November 20th, 2007



Got to the final battle of Kingdom Hearts II and I've been denied four times already. Yeah, we didn't do all the quests on all the worlds, and I suspect that I'm being pretty hamstringed by that, but so it is. It was pretty close...

I might go back to the world map while Jet's sleeping and do the other quests before hitting the last one again. Or just ask him which world I should be going to, now.

There's quite a few weapons I still haven't gotten and I'm not that far up on levels, yet. *sigh*

Though I do wonder if Riku will go with me if I do go to other worlds. It would be cool.

There's something about finding a friend that was lost that really gets to me. I now also know that it's only Riku that goes with me into the final battle, so I should be shoring him up a lot as well. It's... weird... having a computer-played partner in the fighting that really does look out for me. Donald and Goofy are... well... too goofy about it for it to make the same impact as Riku. Oddly enough or perhaps not so oddly, it fires off some of the same fierceness as when I used to play soccer.

Now I have to get that feeling of teamwork into the brothers' work in the Temple story.

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