December 10th, 2007


Anime Binge

amberley has been lending me all kinds of anime, lately, including the Kamichu series. Which I went through in just two days straight. I really enjoyed them. They're about a girl who's suddenly become, for no given reason, a god, a middle-school girl as a god makes for some interesting stuff going on.

I really enjoyed the series, for the detail in the animation, and the imagination behind all the spirits and gods in the whole thing. Plus, the personalities of the people involved really drove how things went. I enjoyed that a great deal.

I finished that so fast, I was mildly jonesing for more, so I went back to the Saiyuki DVDs that incandescens gave me a long time ago. And wow... the first two are so much fun I wish the second set of DVDs had the subtitles better synched to the actual speech of the animation. Ah well. I'll keep peering as I go.

I still need to see the angel anime that folks gave me, too. I've just been saving it, but maybe I should just go for it.

Plus, Fruits Basket 9-16 landed on my front porch this afternoon. RightStuf was having a sale. I've resisted opening it, as I have class tonight. And as much as I might intend to ration it I'm sure I'm going to just go tearing through it like a house on fire. I am now tempted to see how the Saiyuki translations have been doing for the manga... oh, man... so there's the movie, reloaded, and reloaded gunlock.... *laughter*

Plenty for me to buy after the holidays, I guess. Always more...