December 13th, 2007



I think I played nearly nine straight hours of KH II between John and Jet going sledding, making dinner, and then after John took Jet to bed as it was John's turn.

My arms and hands are pretty trashed.  I stayed up until about 1am just fighting destroyers, helping out various people, and trying to find Sora's friends.  It's a very, very linear game. No real choices, just kind of fighting to get through to the next way cool movie, and it was okay to not have to choose and just watch the pretties when I wanted to, and just fight when I wanted to.   I'm really liking the gummi ship rail shooter games.

Then I spent most of the day, today, feeding the cold and hungry with great big vats of canned corn, green beans, and macaroni and cheese mixed with hot dogs.  There were also Swedish meatballs and rice and plenty of salad that I made and ripe and overripe pears as well as rolls, cookies, and drinks.  The OUR center had a sudden emergency need for volunteers just for today and enough of us showed up to serve folks lunch.  With the snow and wet and cold they're opening the shelter at night for those who don't have a warm place to stay for the night.  Fuel bills have been astronomical with the high price of oil... but surprisingly few take advantage of the dinner, breakfast, and warm shelter for the night.

Only 100 people made it in today.  Those with some shelter don't like coming out in the cold for the food.  And all the kids are in school if they're old enough, so we only saw the babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers today.  And they're so cute it breaks the heart.  They love macaroni and cheese, though.  So that was good.  A couple of singers and a pianist did Christmas carols during lunch, and it was pretty and appreciated by the clients.

I'm depressed after doing that, though.  I'm just tired, depressed, and dirty.  I scrubbed the counters and did lots of the cleaning stuff afterward.  My hands still hurt.  John's riding the exercise bike, so no more video games for me at the moment, and Jet didn't wear his snow pants to school today (and he complained about it on the way to the bus stop this morning as it was cold with only his normal pants... heck, it was 15 out this morning, so I don't blame him), so no sledding directly after.  But it's sunny out. 

It'll be good to have Jet home.  It'll be good to just read or write or draw or something.  Just enjoy myself, somehow.  Or something.  Jet bought a kit where he can freeze ice blocks and build an igloo out of them if it's all done out in the cold.  With the weather as it is now, it's something we can do.


I am warm now, and clean and showered and got to walk with Jet from the bus stop and kick ice sheets the whole way home.

Jet and John went to go sledding. I drew a chibi Jet with sled and snow pants. I need to color it.

I feel mildly better. I have a warm house, plenty of food, and a family who is very keen. I need to wrap presents for Jet. I should probably just take it easy on my hands. I do need to write the next chunk on the Temple folks and the thief and lady... that might help get some of this off my chest, I think. I have much wonderful Carl email to answer. I shall have peppermint hot chocolate in a little while.

Life is pretty good.
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My Son

I had gotten the five pound spool of raw tussah silk roving out in order to measure and prep about six ounce of it for dyeing.  I did a crochet chain of it with big, fat loops and Jet saw it and said, "I get to have some of that, right?"

"It's more expensive than wool," I said.

"How much?" said my Negotiator son.

"Two dollars an ounce."

He ran off.  I heard his little ATM bank burbling to itself and he came back with a five dollar bill.  It's good knowing my boy can save his money for really important things.

"I get two anna half ounces, right?"


I wound off two and a half ounces with our digital scale.  He studied the reading with me.  "That's it," he said, and then reached out both hands for the silky, golden ball.  "Oooooo..." he said when he took hold of it.  He rubbed it against his cheek and smiled.

Then, of course, he asked me to start the chain, and he carefully chained it in anticipation of being able to dye it another day. 
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Another Jet Thing

Because Jet felt that his clothes hamper was too full, he said, "It's time to do the laundry."  And he dragged his laundry hamper out into the hallway so that we could do the laundry tomorrow. 

As John said, "I think we've created a monster..."